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Thread: PS3Index: Online PS3 Game Param.sfo Community Database

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    tiamat6x3 Guest


    I have a suggestion. It would be useful to save the game size, and number of files and folders.

    it would be nice to be able to confirm you actually have all of the game. I recently accidentally formatted my drive and performed a recovery. I compared some of the games to their original source. some of them were complete and some were not. I think storing original file game size's would be useful.

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    damox Guest
    I have added another feature to You can now view (if any) the title updates for each game, and download them directly from Sony (if you wish).

    For example: BCES00141 - LittleBigPlanet™ =

    Updates for games are checked periodically (from sony), any new games that are added or any new updates that come out wont take long to be populated.

    Things are looking good, over 1100 games in the database now!

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    SonyWanze Guest
    hi there. i've got a request for your database.

    1. is it possible to add a menue in the drop-down menu, that shows ALL codes?

    2. i've seen that you added cover for selected games / codes ...
    i'm working on an new hompage, that provides all sorts of cover (3D Double, Multiman, Flat, Printable, 3D Simply, ...) so i thought that you could link your cover to the temorary site ->

    it is as I said just a suggestion, but I think it makes sense.
    further information or something else ... PM me or leave a comment here.


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    damox Guest
    Huge update today making PS3 Index imho look less crappy. You can now view a large database of PS3, PSP and PSN games, including these fields:
    • Title ID
    • Title
    • PSP System Version
    • Release Name
    • Release Number
    • ISO Size
    • ISO CRC

    Still looking for people to submit PS3 games (I was having a problem with it recently). You can use the online submission here (Guide) or use the windows application here to do so.

    A dedicated page lists every update published for PS3 games (here) and you can search for the games title id that you need updates for.

    Game updates are also available directly from the PS3 database viewer itself.

    I'm looking at getting a devkit soon so that I can start making PS3 based applications. One that I would be looking forward to is the dumping of verification data from retail disks. The idea would be that the verification data could be retrieved from online, and used to ensure backups are 100% the same as the original - kind of like abgx does for certain parts of xbox 360 rips.

    Quote Originally Posted by SonyWanze View Post
    hi there. i've got a request for your database.

    1. is it possible to add a menue in the drop-down menu, that shows ALL codes?
    This is now possible with the re-vamped PS3 Index.

    [imglink=|PS3Index Now Includes PS3, PSP and PSN Games in Database][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Moved to the main page now, and +Rep damox!

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    damox Guest
    I found PSP updates can be found in the same way PS3 updates can be found.<TITLEID>/<TITLEID>-ver.xml (works for both ps3 and psp)

    So I scraped all the xml files - pulling all the updates:

    A whoppin' 7 PSN and 31 PSP games have updates (and most of them are LittleBigPlanet from different regions ).

    They have been added to the site anyway - why not

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    SonyWanze Guest
    hi damox... thx for the reply. very great update.

    so i could help you out for your ps3 covers... i'm building a database for ps3 cover and if you want, you can check it, if it's there. or, if you want, i could make the covers for you.

    check it out, database:

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    imranulferdoues Guest
    dear bro, i got nearly 50 of my param.sfo file corrupted by editing them in Notepad (i know i am being very stupid not to backup them before editing). it would be very helpful to get those param.sfo download link. Btw bro you can improve your app which allow us to find our param.sfo and replace them if they are modified or corrupted.

    I specially cant play Naruto, Read Dead Redemption bcs of corrupted sfo. btw bro, the database pretty huge. thanks for the database.

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    abcdefgweb Guest
    cant see the point of this.

    1- The info uploaded is not 100% trusted, since are not checked with the ird files VERY IMPORTANT point (you can to inokenebt this process)

    2- No download link, sooo... like people already said... whats the point?, make a catalog ?

    At last if you dont want have legal problems, you should show INTERESTING minimal info.

    Minimal Firmware Required
    Parental Lock Level
    Move Advice
    Advices at startup

    So, this info will make to people to fix their by that info.

    Thanx anyway

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    I hear ya, this thread is from March of 2011 anyway... that said, I spose will close it now

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