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    PS3 Yellow Dog Linux?

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    So is there anyone nearly as excited about this as I am? I mean for starters this means ports of emulators to linux would allow emulation with zero modification to the console wouldnt it? If this is indeed the full blown linux and not a sony locked down version?

    The posibilities this would give to sceeners makes me kinda warm inside, unless theirs something so painfully obvious that I didnt see it?

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    im really waiting for a os X to be on it yea it should be pretty amazing once linux is on there, many neat things to learn

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    i dont think linux will be directly accessable to the user (you and i). it will not be as simple as loading the emulators on and bobs your uncle. i think it will be much more complicated, such as neededing to find an exploit, which shouldnt be too hard considering the psp's history.


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    They said in the article its available to anyone.
    "the upcoming YDL 5.0 release will feature "a simple installer [that] enables absolutely anyone to install without instruction" and the Enlightenment e17 desktop environment "in order to provide an unprecedented level of function and interface aesthetic." YDL 5.0 for the PS3 is scheduled for release next month, and a version for Apple's old PowerPC hardware will be released later this year."

    The link was blocked but just google yellow dog linux and ps3
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    This doesnt sound like sony.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well see.we can only hope.

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    1) Im gonna bet part of the PS3's OS will be on the HDD (possibly!)

    2) Once YDL comes on, OSX on the PS3, may very well be possible, just some tinkering with the installer, and you can be good (goes for really installing any linux distro)

    3) Guess we need to wait and see, eh?


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