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    PS3 X264 decoding performance?


    The recent scoop on the blu-ray backup by hacked2123 is nice and all, but what I would like to do is transcode (or recode) the AVC/H264 or (when not available) MPEG2 1080p data into about 9GB worth of x264, and then play it back off DVD-DL.


    1a/ Can a PS3 muster enough CPU power under linux to decode 1080p H264/x264/AVC/XVID/Whatever at full framerate?

    1b/ Will it have enough CPU left to do advanced decoding (deringing, deblocking, noise shaping etc.. natively it has, but if ps3-linux only gets access to some of the needed hardware...)

    2/ (semi-related): will 9GB be enough to fit a full 1080p movie into? Or will it be horribly artifacted and not worth it?

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    One of my main goals for my PS3 was to be a semi-portable high def video player, so these types of questions also interest me.

    So far I have not tried linux, but I can say that from the gameOS a 1080p MPEG2 TS format video clip is unwatchable as it cannot sustain the framerate.

    What it can do is play numerous 1080p and 480i clips in the small preview mode simultaneously. I do not know enough about the algorithms involved to say what that may or may not mean.

    However the poor performance of playing those 1080p TS files leads me to believe that there is no acceleration taking place, even in the gameOS. That could mean that either there is actually no hardware capability to accelerate MPEG2 at the HD level, or the system is just not configured to use it for certain formats.

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