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    PS3 WILL have a PRICE DROP... again!

    Joystiq reported that Capcom states that the Playstation 3 have a great chance of getting another price cut, before this year ends! I'm thinkin'... COOL!

    Then I'm thinkin'... why mention ANOTHER price cut when the current one is BARELY in effect! Won't this news give consumers the notion to WAIT on the 'buy' until the 2nd price cut takes effect? If the price cut does take effect FOR THE SECOND TIME, how much will the PS3 sell for? $449, $399 ($399 would be a GR8 price)?

    If the 2nd price is true, what OTHER features (besides the exclusion of the emotion chip) will they downgrade from the console? First you got Konami execs having doubts about the $100 price cut being too small, now you got Capcom saying a 2nd reduction before 2007 ends.

    Is it me, or are the Japanese developers HEAVILY breathing down $ony's neck?

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    I got mine for $450 at Circuit City ($500 with free controller (worth $50)), so my purchase is price drop safe for the near future.

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    For those who still doesn't have a PS3, better get the 60gb version for $499 now. Joystiq's article about the the 60gb version WILL BE OUTPHASED & replaced by the 80gb version. This means the product is NOW DISCONTINUED (for the lack of a better term). When they're gone from retail shelves... THEY'RE GONE.

    So $ony gets brownie points for lowering the PS3 to $499... yay! Oh wait, that $499 version is for the 60gb model that will no longer run in the assembly line...WTF!

    That means the $499 version is to entice gamers, on buying the console, until there is nothing left... but the $599 version (affects the US market only, so far).

    In the end, we're back to square one with a console costing $599, with the exception of being a 80gb model, w/ included Motorstorm game. Now really, given the other cheaper consoles out there.... is it REALLY WORTH GETTING a $599 console? If you're a casual gamer who doesn't care about blu ray or hd-dvd (which the MAJORITY still don't), and the EXISTENCE of that $249 cash cow for a plumber still very strong... is it really worth paying six hundred bucks?

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    Also remember that the new 80GB PS3 will emulate the PS2's emotion engine... which means less/worse backwards compatibility XB360 style. I'm probably going to jump on the CC deal...

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    Ok so this raises a question for me. Say I or even someone else who already owns a 20GB or 60GB PS3 has their consoles die on them a year down the road. Now there are only 80GB NSTC consoles.

    Do I get an 80GB console because my old one died (I have the sony warranty plus the extended 1 year warranty from Toys R uS)? Even if they would give me the 80 in exchange for my 60... I wouldn't want it do to it not having the EE but rather emulating it. Thats not what I had and its not what I want.

    Introducing new SKU's and the price cut was a good idea, removing the old SKU's was a bad one.

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    Yeah, I have the 1st gen 60gb model too, extended warranty applied... you get a larger hd w/ less hardware processor kudos, should your system needs replacing in the long run (provided the 60gb model is extinct).

    What the hell $ony?

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    This looks like the PS3 is failing.. 2 rumoured price drops within short periods. Plus i dont think this price drop will influence consumers to purchase the ps3 as theres not many great games out for it.

    Theres Goods games out for it which ive played, nothing thats made me say "WOW... is ama...ziiing" tho

    PS3 IMHO opinion has been a bitter disaapointment which i did not expect, the console seems rushed, too much emphasis on BluRay, which may Pay-Off, but still to early to tell. Phasing out the 20gb and the 60gb within the first year seems pretty bad.. but we'll see how it results.

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    Many believe the new $499 PS3 pricetag is not a pricedrop... it's a CLEARANCE SALE to eliminate it COMPLETELY.

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    Thats exactly what its romored to be. Nearly all if not all the 20's should be gone now, and when the 60's are gone I doubt they'll make more. So now you'll have just one SKU with an 80GB hard drive and a copy of motorstorm. Expect to see everyone and their brother playing motorstorm online now, newb city FTW.

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