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    PS3 Square Button PS3: Welcome Chang3

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    Attached below are some pre-E3 advertisements of it from LA + elsewhere showing the PS3 solgan "Welcome Chang3"

    If you see any others, attach them below for all to view- Thanks guys!
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    e3.jpg   e10.jpg   e11.jpg   playstation3notiziaps310lk.jpg   ps3-ad.jpg  

    PS3reklame.jpg   e3-2005-ps3-official-ports.jpg   e3-2005-ps3-official-bottom.jpg   e3-2005-ps3-official-controller.jpg   e3-2005-ps3-official-front.jpg  

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    Sonyís design looks great, far better than their standard PS2 and the specs are quite impressive too. I'm very pleased, although itíll be a great disappointment if they only show renders at this years E3. The 7 Bluetooth controller info is very interesting, itís quite strange that they chose an odd number, perhaps number 7 is reserved for a remote control? Anyone else have any ideas?

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    anybody know if they have said a price range?

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    there's no words to describe what i'm feeling right now this is to much it is above all a most have console can't wait for lunch . . . but the again i will wait a littel longer before lunch day cause it will be a littel $$$$ and don't forget what happen with the psp it got flaws so maybe the psp curse will be there at lunch day too . . .

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    I take it all back, thatís an extremely ugly looking control pad! What where they thinking, I hope that it receives such a bad reception that they take it back to the drawing board. It reminds me of nasty 3rd party controller for the PS1 called the boomerang or something.
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    i love the design!!!! i like how it comes in 3 diferent colors

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    A nice feature I noticed is that the power cord will apparently be a standard PC-type power cord, which will be easily replacable, and have a low likelihood to be recalled for safety concerns.

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    7 eh? Nice, 7 suppossed to be a 'perfect' number. Maybe they played into that? Anyways, ps3 looks pretty DAMN sexy. Not bad, but I hope the final will look a tad bit more spruced up if you know what I mean.


    And oh yeah, that controller looks pretty horid! No, the perfect ps2 is gone!

    Meh, I hope they'll change it, I don't think it's all final final...

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    oh im sure they'll change the controller. Half the point of showing it like this is to get the feed back. console will have minor changes too im sure. but nothing to major on that.

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    Terrible controller. Too bad you wouldn't be able to use old PS2 controllers on it


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