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    7 because of the number of devices, defined in the bluetooth specification, allowed to pair to one device...

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    Would one have to recharge a PS3 controller or simply put new batteries in it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jak
    Would one have to recharge a PS3 controller or simply put new batteries in it?
    I've read some articles that the controller would last up to 24 hrs. on a full charge. Then it will just need to be recharged. No word on battery usage.

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    I don't know if anyone has seen this video yet, but its a FFVII demo on the PS3..

    Grab it here

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    Unfortunately that is a "Tech Demo" and Square said they have no true intention of remaking FFVII. Come on, lets all say it together: "Way to be retarded, Squeenix!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limbfilter
    no one's mentioned the fact that the ps3 is convex while the xbox is concave?.....I bet that I can stack one on the other...:P
    So if you buy both, you can say you have the new Tetris.

    I don't know if I like the design. I haven't seen it from the front yet, but are there actually no controller ports? Memory card ports? If not, then it isn't really backwards compatible if I can't use my dance pads and arcade sticks.

    Is it true that GTA will be on the 360 only? I was under the impression that Sony had some stock in Rockstar. And Square is making games for all 3 systems; has there been any word on who's getting FF13?

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