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    Quote Originally Posted by yattaman
    I take it all back, thatís an extremely ugly looking control pad! What where they thinking, I hope that it receives such a bad reception that they take it back to the drawing board. It reminds me of nasty 3rd party controller for the PS1 called the boomerang or something.
    the control was called alps interactive controller and it was very confterable to it had rubber grips on it and it played great it was one of the best controls i think i have 4 of them........
    Last edited by mestereo; 05-17-2005 at 02:20 PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by razor
    WHATS teraflops?
    In computing terms, FLOPS are floating-point operations per second. A FLOPS measurement is a basic way to rate the speed at which a processor or system can handle numeric calculations. A teraflop is 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) FLOPS.

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    It Plays Ps1 Games, I Wonder If We Are Going To Be Able To Use The Same Memory Card Exploit As In The Ps2....... Althoug I Didnt See Any Memory Card Slots

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    " Communication Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
    x 3 (input x 1 + output x 2)

    </dumb on> ... eeh ... how exactly do you make the ethernet port input OR output only ... ??? ... </dumb off> ...

    I'll say either WLAN x1 + LAN x2 or MDIX x1 + normal x2 ...

    And - I'm speechless - $ony is using SD and CF ... WOW !!! ... really a BIG revolution!

    And - of course - Blu Ray & HD outputs rokcs ...
    Last edited by GrandpaHomer; 05-17-2005 at 07:06 PM

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    The design is a little too big... I think sony should make the top less curve and make it flat so will look better... controller is a new design.. don't know is good until actually try it.. The old dual shock was so good

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    i am impressed that they did take a hint and include backwards compatability for ps2 and ps1 games. but am i the only one who thinks that this system design is lacking??? the controler looks absolutly horrid IMHO. keep the dualshock 2's i say, best controler design by far.

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    About the Press Conference, All the games i've seen for Ps3 looks so smooth with highly detailed models which is pretty impressive, now this is really getting to the real world simulation. 360's graphics are nice too but after seeing Dead or Alive 4, there's really not much difference to it compare to Xbox. I was only impressed for Elder Scrolls Oblivion in 360, but it's not close enough to the realistic details of what Sony showed today at the press conference.

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    BOOMARANG! Sony better realize quick that that controller looks like crap. Otherwise I'd say they are winning e3...

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    If nintendo don't succede we will have another sega in them on our hands.. Imagine.. mario on xbox 360 ...

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    oh by the way.. see you at E3 ..


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