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    Contributor Iceboie's Avatar
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    Looks like a grill to me.


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    looks like crap :barf:

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    man this thing is FUGLY!!!!! xbox360 looks a lot better than this....got to admit the specs and demos do look a lot better than what msoft have shown so far though.....

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    No way PS3 is so better in looks. Guys GUYS GUYS, Obviously you are a Bill Gates Fan, Microsoft Fan, or whatever that dumb box is XBOX Fan! LOL Don't be mad and dissin on the looks if you ask me lol XBOX is rediculous faceplates cmon it might as well be a cell phone made by Nokia. PS3NFO.com lol get use to it its coming!!!
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    Now sony takes the lead for the next 5 years...

    Well Done.

    Good specs good looking !!!

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    no one's mentioned the fact that the ps3 is convex while the xbox is concave?.....I bet that I can stack one on the other...:P

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    the system is simply amazing.

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    the design can beat xbox360 anyday day !!!!

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    Notice how the pictures indicate that the designs are subject to change, so there is chance that the system and controller could look different by launch day. I wouldn't expect major adjustments if they do change anything. The system looks fine to me, but the controller is a bit of a concern. The specs are just mind blowing. I cannot wait!!!

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    well, either way this generation has shown that power doesnt always win (although the xbox has been catching up, and has started selling more consoles then sony), and with sony losing it's exclusivity to final fantasy and the gta series and those moving to the 360, sony's gonna need some new franchises...


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