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    Apr 2005

    PS3 VUDU Update Adds Stereoscopic 3D Movie Streaming

    VUDU Head of Marketing Caitlin Spaan has announced today that the latest PS3 VUDU update adds stereoscopic 3D movie streaming for movie fans.

    To quote: Hello fellow movie lovers, a quick note from VUDU. We're excited to announce that as of today we're ready to take you to a whole new dimension.

    If you've got a 3D-enabled TV hooked up to your PS3, now you can stream in 3D directly from VUDU. So grab your 3D glasses and hang on!

    If you've already downloaded the VUDU app, it will be updated automatically with the new functionality - you don't need to do a thing.

    If you haven't downloaded the VUDU app - well, what are you waiting for? When you download the free VUDU app and sign up for a VUDU account, we will credit your account $5.99, which is enough to get you an HDX rental. We hope you'll give it a try - we think you'll love it!

    We would love to hear what you think, or if you have any questions we'll be responding below! We also love compliments, so post all of those too :-)

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    am33r007 Guest
    I am not near my PS3 so i wonder.. is this an update via PSN so we are no longer on 3.55 ?

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    Not a bad idea, although its a little bit tedious to have to use those glasses when the IR emitter is on to sync the glasses it interferes with the remotes that also use IR. Great news for 3D fans!!! Can't wait to see 3D home brew psp emulator running on PS3 cause that would potentially add support for 3D PSP home brew snse9x emulator running.

    I would crap my pants if they added 3D support for tetris attack, killer instinct, super Mario RPG, DK country.Ow my, I can't wait to play MGS1 in 3D. That is a reason to go 3D all by itself! Also home brew might be able to add 3D flash video support for all 3D web videos. once again great news for 3D fans though!! It is the first big ice breaker for all retro games to have 3D ports or rendering patches. COOL!

    I wonder if you can port ps3 3D technology to support Real D 3D glasses on 3D DLP enabled screens just like the theater's use?? Be nice to get rid of the IR Glasses emitter.

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    Beaps73 Guest
    US users only - cannot conect in the UK :-(

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    clouduzz Guest
    lol what kind of tv do you have? I know sony uses an ir emitter, but i thought most others like my samsung had them built in. AS for the Real 3d movie theater stuff, it's called a passive tv one should be out now or coming out real soon. But from what I read passive tv's show 3d at half resolution.

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    CJBauer Guest
    Eh sounds pretty cool but useless to me for now. Are you 3d TV users out there happy with the purchase? Would you recommend one?

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