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    PS3-Vita Connectivity and More Revealed in Leaked Sony PDF File

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    Today Examiner.com (linked above) reports that a leaked Sony R&D presentation PDF File (BuildingCommunitywithPlayStationNetwork.pdf) has revealed PS3-Vita connectivity, save sharing and more through PlayStation Network.

    In addition, features such as voice chat and messaging along with remote play will also be available. Those interested can check out some slides from the SCEE R&D presentation HERE.

    To quote: "Today a PDF file was discovered from a Keynote given at Develop in Brighton, the PDF reveals plans for Vita and how the new portable will interact with other Vita's locally and over the internet, what services the handheld will feature, DLC, as well as how the Vita and PS3 can interact - Vita as a PS3 controller but using Vita's unique features to enhance the game experience and several others are touched on.

    The PDF document also details Vita's communication modes and how it will interact with the PlayStation Network, future updates, information on cross-platform play, cross-game chat, and much more."

    PS3-Vita Connectivity and More Revealed in Leaked Sony PDF File

    More PlayStation 3 News...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    BuildingCommunitywithPlayStationNetwork.pdf   Slide1_451.JPG   Slide2_305.JPG   Slide3_292.JPG   Slide4_286.JPG  

    Slide5_322.JPG   Slide6_299.JPG   Slide7_248.JPG   Slide8_111.JPG   Slide9_113.JPG  

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    More slides for the first post below...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Slide11_46.JPG   Slide10_110.JPG   Slide12_29.JPG   Slide13_29.JPG   Slide14_22.JPG  

    Slide15_20.JPG   Slide16_16.JPG   Slide17_13.JPG   Slide18_11.JPG   Slide19_11.JPG  

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    Here are the rest of the presentation slides...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Slide23_1.JPG   Slide22_2.JPG   Slide21_5.JPG   Slide24_4.JPG   Slide26_1.JPG  


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    hey thanks boss downloading the pdf doc via edge now, is it ok if you can post the slides in a zip or are they part of the pdf as well (its still downloading )


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    Yep, the slides are from the PDF link in the first post and also available HERE in case Sony removes it.

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    Nice news, but the document is not "leaked" because the PDF itself is available for everyone at public source and no SCE CONFIDENTIAL watermark is present inside the doc

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    I don't think SCEE's R&D team watermark presentations though, but usually in SDK's the hardware docs have a huge "DEVELOPER NAME" watermark across them.


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