[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3251993[/IMGW]If you've dropped the six hundred bones for a PS3 but haven't yet hadyour ache for a singing simulation satisfied, your day is almost here.The official Singstar dev blog over on IGN features a post fromgame director Paulina Bozek reminding us they are "in the finalstages of developing the game." The post is a bit LiveJournal, rightdown to reprinting song lyrics, but there's still some nice info to begained from it. Here's some highlights:

"So what exciting things can I tell you about the game. TheSingStore is up and running here in the studio, and we've got hundredsof songs to download, at our fingertips. Finally we can browse throughhundreds of songs and download exactly the tunes we want -- it'sfantastic to have the variety and choice.

"We're also starting to think about all the less known songs thatwe want to put up there. It's all digital now, so space is no longerat a premium. We no longer have to agonize over the perfect 30 songson the disc and we're looking forward to having some fun with it. Irecently had a request for the band The Pixies from a journalist andit would be great to know what everybody out there wants, so if youhave any special requests, let us know in the comments to this blog."

Downloadable songs and more or less unlimited space for the musicare sure to be a major feature for the next-gen version of this game (which has virtually no following here, but is insanely popular in Europe).

Thanks to 1UP.com for sharing the news with us!