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    PS3 Square Button PS3 v1.80 Firmware available for download!

    Hey Gang.

    I just finished downloading the new firmware. Just restarting the ps3 now... Woo hoo!

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    May 2005
    I look forward to the upscaling of DVD's.

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    Okay i have a question how do i use the media server? what program do i use somebody said use this but yea i dont got a good copy of xp pro lol so i can get windows media player 11

    All you need to do is turn on your ps3. have windows media player 11 installed.

    In windows media player go to Tools>options>Library

    Click on the configure sharing button.

    You should see Unkown Device or Ps3 listed there.

    Click on Allow.

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    Does the new version allow playing of more video codecs/formats?

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    Yeay.. does it support WMV ?

    Ive got some of those HD WMVs and using the 360 to stream them but because that console sounds like a Jetfighter landing i'd prefer to use the ps3

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    No it doesn't as far as I can tell IanJ, but here are the two notable features that I hadn't really seen elsewhere (that or I didn't read the press release hard enough). I would have typed up all of the changes that were listed before I updated but I didn't think about it until I had already hit X.

    - You can now stream music/videos from other computers on the same network as the PS3.
    - Printing, Zoom, and a new slideshow are new features in the photo area.

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    well I just updated to FW 1.8 (EU) and put FF XII in the machine, to check the upscale

    it sux, think they forgot about a little thing called AA

    oh well, maybe GoW2 looks better, but i have to goto work now.

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    Thanks Coheed. It does mention supporting NAS on the Sony site. Which is a big plus for me.

    I have videos in multiple formats on various drives and PC's and it would be cool to not have to convert them.

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    I updated to 1.80 tonight... have been testing out the upscaling and such. Everything looks good so far.

    Even turned on Media Sharing in WMP11 on my PC (Library -> Media sharing) and it was autodetected by the PS3 and I was able to play my PC's music files on the PS3 right away!

    One word of caution.. If you use Remote Play with your PSP, I would not update yet! You now have to "register" your PSP with the PS3 (hook up via USB cable) so it can be paired with your PS3 and be able to use remote play. I tried to register mine and it couldn't detect my PSP (custom firmware 3.40 OE-A) I don't know if the PSP firmware 3.50 is needed before this feature will work correctly, or if it is not letting me because it is doing some sort of firmware check on the PSP! just a word of warning...

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    I was playing FF8 before the update, downloaded the update, switched on scaling/smoothing (you actually have to activate smoothing's not on by default), and can say it looks quite a bit better now after the patch.

    Don't expect any miracles, but it's pretty decent (at least on the one PS1 game I've tested).

    Edit: RobtheSlob, I had to hook my PSP via USB to my PS3 to recognize it starting at 1.7 and it worked with it during the last patch. Maybe they added some trigger to be tripped if they detected custom firmware on your PSP or something. Oh well, I'm sure we'll have a workaround soon enough.
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