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Thread: PS3 USBLD Loader v0.2 Released, PS2 iSOs on PAL Consoles!

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    KevinRed Guest
    When I tried this out for the first time today, I had to restart Swap Magic a few times to get to that LaunchELF screen. If the PS3 had a start error, I re-tried and it eventually worked. Now I just need to know how to get FFXII working on USB Advance. I have that 5 second problem.

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    gottuhaveit Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by vato805 View Post
    i got this working on my us 80gb console
    I just want to know how this is possible when I have read many times that this will only work on the 40gb and 60gb ps3 consoles. I am asking this question because I to have an 80gb console and I purchased sm as well.

    Ps2 games will play on my console but I thought that only the 40gb and 60gb came with the emotion engine. I have inserted sm into my console and I get to the part where it says load on the ps3 screen and the way I press L2 and up on the D-Pad button to go to the browser. I am assuming you are suppose to do this when sm shows the load screen. Well I have tried many times and my ps3 does nothing when I execute this command, therefore leaves me thinking that I do not have the emotion engine in my console.

    Could I please get some insight on this matter from one of you gurru's. Sure would appreciate it. I have been pulling my friggen hair out trying to figure this all out and now when I am ready to give up someone says they managed to perform what I have failed to perform on my 80gb ps3 console. I have also plugged in several different hard drives via usb and my ps3 has not recognized any of them, but it does recognize my usb stick when I insert it and I do not understand this either.

    I formatted a 750gb wd hdd in fat 32 and it did not recognize it and I also connected my old 80gb sata drive via usb and it did not recognize it either. I currently have a 500 gb samsung in my ps3 and that is what I meant when I said I used my old 80gb ps3 hdd. Oh well enough ramblin from this old man.

    Please help here fellows and I thank you kindly.

    Edit: I also wanted to mention that I have never made it to the blue screen where it gives you the browser option. My console just stays at the sm load screen when I execute the L2 + Up on the D-Pad combo.

    I certainly would appreciate it if someone would just let me know whether or not it is possible to use the sm trick with the 80gb. A simple yes or no is all that I am looking for that way I can start looking for a 60gb so that I will have a system that is capable of accomplishing the task I am attempting with my 80gb. I would not even be asking about this if vato805 had not stated that he did manage this with his 80gb. Ok then guys I will be patiently waiting for a response concerning this matter.

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    It's posted numerous times in this thread and others... if you have (4) USB ports then your PS3 supports PS2 emulation, if you only have (2) USB ports it does not.

    Disregard what a single user (in this case vato805) says about the 80gb, as the above is already confirmed by 1,000 other reliable users so clearly he is either confused himself or simply posted misinformation.

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    gottuhaveit Guest
    just wanted to say thank you for the clarrification on that issue. I have read much about how to perform this task and I have also tried to execute it as well. Well then that means my console does support emulation but I just have not succeeded in achieving this goal.

    As I have stated previously when I insert the sm disc I press the L2 button on the control and up on the D-Pad button and when I do this my console stays on the sm load screen and never goes to the browser screen. I also have one other issue and that is my console does not seem to recognize any hdd. I have inserted my 2gb usb stick and it shows up but when i connect an external 750 gb wd hdd it does not show up and I even plugged in the original 80gb hdd that came in my console via usb as well and it does not recognize it either. I have a special cable and power supply for the sata hdd.

    Ok then Boss thanks again for the info you provided me with. I hope I figure out my other issue but at least now I won't be buying another ps3 because mine does have the 4 usb ports.

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