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    Here is some more info... still waiting for the US site though:
    Updates for new firmware 1.30

    You can now go to accessories/bluetooth device and register the remote
    control for movies (once it comes out...).

    -You can now manually select how you want your BluRay/DVD's displayed
    via the HDMI... Automatic, RGB, or Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr. Personally don't know
    what the difference is.

    Question: is Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr better? What is this and what does it mean?

    -You can now use an external hard drive to back up your PS3's hard
    drive in case you need to restore the system later. Guessing you can
    connect via the USB.

    -You can now totally reformat your PS3's hard drive (or maybe a new
    harddrive your installing, or do a "quick format" that leaves important
    data alone.

    -The PS3 now selects the HIGHEST output possible for your TV and
    displays in that right off the bat. For example, when you would select auto,
    it would only set the TV to 720p instead of its max 1080i.

    On certian games people with the older HDTV's that only support 1080i
    can play games in HD because of this fix. RR7 and Marvel: UA will now
    play in 1080i, but unfortunitly games like Resistence which only supports
    720p and 480p wont. It gives you a message when you start up the game
    that the highest resolution that Resistence supports is 720p. Hopefully
    Insomnaic adds an update in the future which allows 1080i.

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    Hey Guys. How do I put this update on my memory stick to read it through my PS3?

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    Correct... put it in PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP

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    it's too bad that force feed back doesn't work for Driving Force Pro

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    Just wondering has anyone tried editing thier extendedOS.self and booting it as thier "OtherOS"?
    I suppose it might have some lead hex that can be compared and launched to determine if it is eventually possible that the RSX and 7th core is reachable through "OtherOS" or if it's limited when you switch to "OtherOS" (Like how you can't turn the system on wirelessly while set in "OtherOS")

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