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    PS3 Torne Digital TV Recorder Add-on Announced for Japan

    Update: According to Andriasang.com, the PS3's digital tuner and DVR kit Torne will be updated to version 2.0 this June, which includes long recording, watch while recording and an improved Torumiru information display among the new features.

    Today Sony of Japan (linked above) has announced news of a new 250GB model alongside their new PS3 Digital TV recorder add-on dubbed Torne.

    According to the release, it's scheduled to be coming out in March, 2010 for 9,980 yen and will allow users to upload content to the PSP.

    The 250GB PS3 will hit Japan on February 18, 2010 for 34,980 yen, and a combo pack will be released alongside Torne for 42,800 yen.

    The latest issue of Famitsu Weekly also states that Torne users will earn PS3 trophies using the new device sinply by watching the last episode of several popular TV series.

    Press Release, roughly translated: PS3 can record digital terrestrial broadcasting, ground dedicated peripherals Torne - Retail Price 9,980 yen (including tax) will be available Mon.

    PS3 HDD 250GB with Torne to pack deals with a set of PlayStation 3 - Retail price 42,800 yen (including tax) released the same day in limited quantities.

    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEJ), as a "PlayStation 3" (PS3 ) as a dedicated peripheral further expand the appeal of watching and recording a set of applications only PS3 Digital TV Tuner Dejitarurekodakitto ground-torne (Torne) ? University. MSRP 9,980 yen (including tax) will be released in March 2010 from Mon.

    This terrestrial digital tuner included USB cable connected to PS3 applications only (BD-ROM) that you have a PS3 installed on terrestrial digital broadcasting, recording easy. For Release is once again upon us, we will guide decisions.

    Also Torne according to the release of a new 250GB hard disk drive (HDD) with the PS3 and Torne to set of PlayStation 3 place suggested retail price tag of 42,800 yen from the day and releases (including tax) will be released in limited quantities at.

    This large-capacity HDD with the PS3 and Torne combination, will now be possible to record more TV, PlayStation Store to be delivered from the games, anime, movies, drama, entertainment content for a wide range of genres such as music clips, other music, photos, you can easily save a lot of content such as video.

    Torne Features:

    - Comfortable user interface to leverage the expertise gained in making games, we developed a user interface focused on ease of use. This table shows operation, set timer recording, and playback of recorded programs and wireless controller (DUALSHOCK 3) You can use the quick.

    - The colorful and easy to see the listings, you can list all programs can be displayed 24 hours a day, L / R can be found by simply pressing the zoom button.

    - Recording and playback capabilities by entering a keyword in the search menu and program genre, and instantly shows the appropriate list, you can easily record book. PS3 even when in standby, games and Blu-ray Disc / DVD and enjoy even while the show is now set to automatically record.

    In addition, PS3 built-in HDD as well as body, PS3 to USB connected external HDD is possible to record programs directly. The video playback is also available to play and a scene search function Hayami.

    - PSP "PlayStation Portable" conjunction with the recorded program is the Memory Stick PRO Duo ? (Mark2), or Memory Stick Micro ? (M2 ?) to export, PSP quality that is optimized for anywhere anytime Enjoy the video.

    Also, PS3 by using the remote play feature, now watch and record programs at home, such as video playback, the PSP All functions can be manipulated.

    - Enhanced online functionality was careful about watching a show, you can search the Internet on the fly "while watching the net", to display the status of the aggregate number and watch the show and recording schedule, torne (Torne) ? unique "feature Torumiru Show" has been equipped.

    SCEJ is more to your PS3 in the future as you enjoy the world of entertainment, PS3 strives to promote a strong platform to further expand and spread.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    iLuis21 Guest
    this is going to be awesome.. i so wanna record game play and ps3 tutorials

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    MMBtalk Guest
    Awesome if many of us will be able to purchase it, but if we are to go by what happened to the PlayTV, some of us might have to wait till 2012 or beyond. I just hope this gadget will now be for worldwide use as I have found waiting for PlayTV to reach South Africa incredibly frustrating.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Damn :S... This is a rough translation...

    So i can record TV shows with this? Or can i only record games? And if i have a digital Tuner with a Smart Card... is it possible for me to record that as well ?

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    ultimateskillz Guest
    well it uses the ISDB broadcasting system which only japan and south america uses. North America uses NTSC/ATSC and europe uses DVB so i wouldn't bother with this cause unless you live in japan it won't work for you.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    I really hoped it'd work!

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    sorceror Guest

    So, like, when's the ATSC version?

    I'd love something like this for North America. I wonder what stupid legal issues keep them from doing it here?

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    jarred88 Guest

    Thumbs Down Playtv Is Crap

    i have one in australia and all it does is freeze the ps3 and it records like a scratched dvd.. don't waste your money.

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