April 15, 2007 - Two glorious weeks ago, IGN AU announced that we would be giving away 10 of the hottest PS3 games for nothing at all. No entry fee, no special conditions, nothing beyond a 25 words-or-less email entry that made us smile.

Well, after hundreds of entries from all across this big, dry land of ours, it is IGN AU's distinct pleasure to announce the winner of our Top 10 PS3 Games Competition.

Our warmest congratulations to Mr. Philip Robatue, who made us sit up and take notice, laugh a little bit, and made us scratch our heads in puzzlement:

"For the purposes of this entry I'm taking credit for 'Star Wars', so think of it this way: you owe me one."

So there you have it - there was just something memorable and quirky enough about Philip's entry that make it stand out from the pack. Plus, we really like Episodes IV, V and VI. The new trilogy is pretty average, however, so maybe Philip should be sending IGN AU some games as compensation. Then again, we could end up incurring the wrath of George Lucas and his trained gorilla henchmen because of his entry. We'll just forward Philip's address to him instead. Sorry, buddy. Hope you don't need your kneecaps.

10 PS3 games are on their way, Philip. 'Grats.

We'll have plenty more competitions popping up soon, but for now, feel free to contribute your thoughts on this comp, cry away your bitter, defeated tears or jump for joy (particularly if you're Philip Robatue) in this very thread.

Thanks to IGN.com for sharing the news with us!