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Thread: PS3 System Software Update v4.65 Arrives, Network Status Updates

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    bignate135001 Guest

    PS3 System Software Update v4.65 Arrives, Network Status Updates

    Following up on their previous update, today Sony announced that PS3 System Software Update v4.65 is now available as a minor optional update alongside details on their current PlayStation Network status below.

    Download: PS3 Firmware Update v4.65 (US) / PS3 Firmware Update v4.65 (EU) / PS3 Firmware Update v4.65 (JP)

    Related PS3 v4.65 Downloads:

    To quote via PlayStation Twitter: New PS3 system software 4.65 is a minor optional update that improves stability during the use of some features

    Network update: engineers are aware of connectivity issues, are working to resolve. We'll keep you posted - apologies for the inconvenience

    Network connectivity is being restored. Thanks for your patience.

    PS3 System Software / Firmware Update v4.65 Changelog:
    • Minor optional update that improves stability during the use of some features.

    From hellsing9: Idk but there are several BD firms in this update.
    Path: C:\update_files\DEV_FLASH\dev_flash\bdplayer\
    98d78d740f43cefd62454bf5f0cc4910 AacsModule.spu.isoself 135.7 KB (138,952)
    31856155253e3da7f521b85200a8e7f0 bdp_BDMV.self 3.8 MB (4,005,088)
    9574daff08760348495b74578046c5c0 bdp_BDVD.self 4.5 MB (4,718,392)
    dabb2f9fd9fd891007c272a82dbe5ad5 CprmModule.spu.isoself 53.2 KB (54,496)
    b075f94a8ea4cf5b765db25c84e2fbfa CssModule.spu.isoself 66.9 KB (68,496)
    Path: C:\update_files\DEV_FLASH\dev_flash\ps1emu\
    45a35a50b625b2de03504f3841a2deec ps1_emu.self 823.5 KB (843,216)
    b11a6d4c8e029219fcb04a774edcff17 ps1_netemu.self 901.8 KB (923,464)
    625c47756bdb342b81e2802cc772b331 ps1_newemu.self 793.3 KB (812,296)
    Path: C:\update_files\DEV_FLASH\dev_flash\ps2emu\
    d2fe3e4443cdb08e1063572fbf81e207 ps2_emu.self 1.8 MB (1,835,592)
    Path: C:\update_files\DEV_FLASH\dev_flash\pspemu\
    1ec86ceb002c31bac8d785eead4a37bf psp_emulator.self 204.3 KB (209,248)
    ac7c8b742f9a3327ba06e8ad33b2fc88 psp_translator.self 108.3 KB (110,896)
    Path: C:\update_files\DEV_FLASH\dev_flash\pspemu\release \
    18b792c18a3b2745e27011c7e11397fe PEmuCoreLib.sprx 1.2 MB (1,244,582)
    Path: C:\update_files\DEV_FLASH\dev_flash\sys\external\
    9550f26aaa38332c7456e9d077c1c123 libadec.sprx 34.9 KB (35,728)
    175909b167fe53eb329235bb4956b308 libadec2.sprx 33.5 KB (34,328)
    26f63c96526c2d56a605eeade986376f libadec_internal.sprx 34.9 KB (35,728)
    c13acf005cc0f012d41d5cedc7df8e8f libfiber.sprx 16.1 KB (16,526)
    076af5625e56ec709d6a0031123742cb libhttp.sprx 125.4 KB (128,399)
    dc6307e2e8577ff678c4e5dca64c3aaa liblv2coredump.sprx 72.2 KB (73,941)
    9b2151c7b99e845249582183d4966813 libmedi.sprx 37.8 KB (38,741)
    e61b26d6596e8b019ebea1078f206113 libsail.sprx 82.2 KB (84,133)
    6373e694c2aebff5cb5570ff0b4a6044 libsail_rec.sprx 259.2 KB (265,395)
    3716c15eb8eec0df80f15353d5ea7083 libspurs_jq.sprx 40.3 KB (41,216)
    35075aedd57f5cf799350fed3dbd5365 libsre.sprx 111.6 KB (114,254)
    8b06ba2921f08d74dbe2a033a8567be0 libssl.sprx 185.2 KB (189,634)
    72dde4521d55b27b26deb1f590ac577e libsync2.sprx 16.0 KB (16,378)
    15c7c7f997b8a099a32c7130262feaba libsysutil_np2.sprx 45.8 KB (46,880)
    f0b730a92955417be7dffb95bfad9e7b libvdec.sprx 100.0 KB (102,397)
    Path: C:\update_files\DEV_FLASH\dev_flash\sys\internal\
    91ee3637faedf180ebe19711e67e32be sys_audio.self 406.3 KB (416,072)
    bdac0ed2941dfe54ccb910c75916c793 sys_init_osd.self 103.9 KB (106,416)
    Path: C:\update_files\DEV_FLASH\dev_flash\vsh\etc\
    2eabe5ac682c759c88092cbd817f4e86 index.dat 0.7 KB (752)
    c2af5e4c72da0cace344f0a852e33e66 version.txt 0.7 KB (719)
    Path: C:\update_files\DEV_FLASH\dev_flash\vsh\module\
    ebea5ae0162cb36a657a9e02efb0a5d2 avc2_text_plugin.sprx 211.4 KB (216,440)
    138dd1c7ea6d50eb71bda79f9abaabc9 explore_category_friend.sprx 442.4 KB (452,983)
    b3ba364d9272e0880052ad790b671517 explore_plugin.sprx 1.5 MB (1,623,779)
    a25eb6cf9431ceb721e80fc4afb09529 explore_plugin_np.sprx 279.7 KB (286,411)
    58e475384832a42910e711624def222e friendim_plugin.sprx 213.3 KB (218,464)
    e5d0a932e3f0e44594384841e4fc64a5 friendml_plugin.sprx 46.2 KB (47,285)
    9051855e2e0ef0e415a7a614f2ba05c8 friendtrophy_plugin.sprx 203.6 KB (208,481)
    b13744e2898e8e494c69a7c20cf8e1be hknw_plugin.sprx 1.5 MB (1,525,826)
    7ed10bf147ee110a4942202331693565 libvideoSubsystem.sprx 161.9 KB (165,832)
    00000000000000000000000000000000 mcore_tk.self 0.0 KB (0) --> ch-basic_defs.html
    55ca319326882686ba332e54daea46df msmw2.sprx 610.1 KB (624,732)
    4ce6b1bd2c9d5a9f4b9a52898eb39e8e np_oauth.sprx 29.7 KB (30,392)
    ca13435b50a534f7138c0efd370ab539 profile_plugin.sprx 190.4 KB (194,953)
    e50621f3a39df4913ed4b19f593fefec rec_plugin.sprx 239.6 KB (245,367)
    ea39d5132ab6df5767edc0b3c4145fdf SacModule.spu.isoself 57.2 KB (58,564)
    a44e6b1dfb9f50e12a95b08cf1c08bc6 vsh.self 3.0 MB (3,144,704)
    e4f67ff0dacbee176feda9fb23dd8ae1 x3_mdimp7.sprx 132.1 KB (135,271)
    6cb12b992f2d978820e60fa397a4a17e xcbplugin1.sprx 1.0 MB (1,067,263)
    Path: C:\update_files\DEV_FLASH\dev_flash\vsh\resource\s ilk_webkit\lib\Plugins\
    00000000000000000000000000000000 silk_npflashplayer9.sprx 0.0 KB (0) --> ch-basic_defs.html
    TOTAL: 50 files - 25.7 MB (26,959,102 bytes)
    From haz367 regarding PS3 MFW 4.65: anyways, u checked 465 already? so far done, previous u did update the task for 460, specially the REACT OFFLINE vsh patch although it got patched, u sure the second part is correct?! looks more a Firmw 446>34 patch?! updated that one + for 465... testing atm...
    460 vsh react part2:
    log "Part 2 -- fixed with correct pattern?!"
    set search "\x7C\x08\x02\xA6\xF8\x01\x00\x80\x48\x3D\x7b\x3d\x38\x03\xFF\xFF"
    set replace "\x7C\x08\x02\xA6\xF8\x01\x00\x80\x38\x60\x00\x00\x38\x03\xFF\xFF"
    Patching Screenshot Option
    Part 1
    Executing command :: patch_elf $elf $search 0 $replace
    patched offset: 0x1850b5
    Part 2
    Executing command :: patch_elf $elf $search 0 $replace
    patched offset: 0x186cf1
    Done vsh.self patches for screenshots
    Patching vsh.self.elf to allow running of unsigned applications!
    Part 1 -- 4.6x
    Executing command :: patch_elf $elf $search 0 $replace
    patched offset: 0x5ee660
    Patching vsh.self.elf to allow running of unsigned applications!
    Part 2
    Executing command :: patch_elf $elf $search 0 $replace
    patched offset: 0x244bcc
    Patching vsh.self.elf 4.6x to allow debug pkg installs
    Executing command :: patch_elf $elf $search 0 $replace
    patched offset: 0x23ff4c
    Patching vsh.self.elf for ReactPSN ONLINE/OFFLINE
    Updated pattern for 4.65
    Part 1
    Executing command :: patch_elf $elf $search 0 $replace
    patched offset: 0xxxxxx
    Part 2
    Executing command :: patch_elf $elf $search 0 $replace
    patched offset: 0xxxxxxx
    Rebuilding self file vsh.self.self
    From Joonie86: Calm down guys, there is no changes in bd firmware nor the sv_iso [iso handling functions of PS3 games]

    I'm going to get lv2dump and trying to port some payloads, I'm pretty sure it will work and also going to try habib's anti-ode patch.

    From butnut on his Remove Cinavia patch for 4.60 and 4.65 MFW (linked above): This is for 4.60 and 4.65 only. It will replace the files:
    • videoeditor_plugin.sprx
    • videoplayer_plugin.sprx
    • videoplayer_util.sprx

    So backup your files first if you want. This will not remove Cinavia from optical disc based media.

    From bitsbubba: Why do people keep insisting on replacing all 3 of these files: videoeditor_plugin.sprx & videoplayer_util.sprx are the exact same files on DEX or CEX. The only file that needs replacing is videoplayer_plugin.sprx.

    From butnut in rebuttal: Because the guy that came up with the method in the first place said he traced Cinavia in all three files. I'm just doing what he said, and I have never had any issues with it.

    This is what tical said back in 2011: "I have traced the Cinavia DRM checks to 4 separate sprx files and after a long time trying to patch these files I have found that 3 of those files are present in the DEBUG (DEX) firmware don't have the Cinavia DRM checks enabled. Files are videoplayer_util sprx, videoplayer_plugin sprx and videoeditor_plugin sprx.

    I have successfully copied these 3 sprx files from DEBUG (DEX) FW 341 over to my retail PS3 unit running OFW 341 using dev_blind and Cinavia seems to be now disabled. I've confirmed this by playing back a number of Cinavia affected video files.

    This means that Cinavia is now disabled for all DLNA playback and copying, but Cinavia checks on AVCHD and BD playback are still present with Message Code 3 that mutes the audio as the sprx file with the Cinavia check bdp_plugin sprx is not present in DEX firmware because BD playback is disabled in DEBUG. If someone is able to patch Cinavia out of bdp_plugin sprx this will be solved too.

    I have created a new task for PS3MFW so this can be easily made part of any new MFW's as needed. Any FW version that has had the DEX firmware leaked should be able to be used to create a CFW of the same version. eg DEX 3.41 -> MFW 341 or DEX 355 -> MFW 355 etc etc. Don't use sprx files from different FW versions! See git hacks for change_cinavia_files task source.

    Big thanks to the KaKaRoTo and REBUG team for their community contributions as this would have never been possible without the knowledge they've shared with us.


    From aldostools comes an updated Fan Control Utility (ISO / No GUI) v2.07 (linked above) with the following changes:

    Fan Control Utility (ISO/No GUI) 2.07


    This is an unofficial version of Fan Control Utility by Estwald that auto-quits immediately to XMB after set the fan policy. Hold (X) for 10 seconds to enable the GUI. The settings will be saved in the internal HDD, if the included PKG is installed and dev_hdd0/game/CTRLFAN00/fan_speed.dat exists.

    New in v2.07:

    Note: The AUTOBOOT.ISO for COBRA 7 auto-quits. There are 2 PKG files: one has no GUI, the other always shows the GUI. If you use CFW COBRA 7, you can use the Dynamic Fan Control option in webMAN 1.30 or webMAN-MOD 1.30.x.


    Thanks to Estwald for the payload for 4.55CEX, PS3L1GHT environment and the open source project. Thanks to HABIB for the payloads for 4.46/4.50/4.53CEX/4.60CEX, Rancid-O for DEX payloads.

    PS3 BD DVD Cinavia Patch by Habib and Mysis (linked above) with details below, as follows:

    Mysis, the world famous reverse engineer & myself (Habib) worked together in this release, it took us >3 weeks to crack.

    Now I present you the patches which will make this Cinavia patch easily portable for hdd content without the need of dex fw. Example taken from 4.55 from videoplayer_plugin.sprx:
    1. offset b6a00:4E 80 00 20
    2. offset ba2e8:4E 80 00 20
    This might be needed if dex fw isn't available for your cfw version and ofc these patches are portable for e.g 4.65

    • BDMV and BDVD Cinavia patched
    • Support for 4.55-4.60

    • Run ZIP file in multiMAN (mmOS)

    Credits / Thanks:
    • smhabib
    • mysis
    • hethemlrijk for his testing.

    From aldostools (via Matsumot0) also comes a list of full offsets, as follows:

    I found these offsets in cex versions of videoplayer_plugin.sprx just for fun
    000B2458:4E 80 00 20
    000B5788:4E 80 00 20
    000B6C40:4E 80 00 20
    000BA528:4E 80 00 20
    000B69D8:4E 80 00 20
    000BA2C0:4E 80 00 20
    000B6A00:4E 80 00 20
    000BA2E8:4E 80 00 20
    000B6A00:4E 80 00 20
    000BA2E8:4E 80 00 20
    000B6990:4E 80 00 20
    000BA278:4E 80 00 20
    000B6990:4E 80 00 20
    000BA278:4E 80 00 20
    bdp_BDMV.self and bdp_BDVD.self
    00159C4C: F8 21 FF 81 -> 4E 80 00 20
    00159C78: F8 21 FF 81 -> 4E 80 00 20
    00159F28: F8 21 FF 81 -> 4E 80 00 20
    00159F54: F8 21 FF 81 -> 4E 80 00 20
    0015ECD0: F8 21 FF 81 -> 4E 80 00 20
    0015ECFC: F8 21 FF 81 -> 4E 80 00 20
    Finally, as usual PlayStation 3 scene profiteer garyopa recommends ODE users not update to PS3 Firmware 4.65 until it is examined by PlayStation 3 developers of their device to see if any further blocking protection has been added since the last revision.

    Update: It is now confirmed as SAFE to update to v4.65 as it will work fine with v2.2 and DMC on all consoles, with more details available here.

    [imglink=|PS3 System Software Update v4.65 Arrives, Network Status Updates][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 System Software Update v4.65 Arrives, Network Status Updates][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 System Software Update v4.65 Arrives, Network Status Updates][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ej2095 Guest

    4.65 update demo mode?

    Hi all,

    Need some help please. I updated to 4.65 but ps3 locked up so had to reset.

    Came back on and now saying demo mode??

    Any suggestions on how to get out of this mode please.

    Thank you

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    misiozol Guest
    Redownload and reinstall FW.

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    PS3 4.65 Spoof Enabler / Disabler by Arachetous for PSN on CFW Out

    Following up on Sony's PS3 Firmware v4.65 release and his previous update, today French PlayStation 3 developer arachetous made available a PS3 4.65 Spoof Enabler / Disabler which allows 4.xx CEX CFW users to connect to PSN with details below.

    Download: Spoof 4.65 for all CFW 4.xx v1.06 by ARCH.pkg / Spoof 4.65 for all CFW 4.xx v1.06 by ARCH.pkg (Mirror) / SPOOF 4.65 for all CFW 4.xx v1.07 by ARCH.pkg

    To quote, roughly translated: 4.65 Spoof Enabler/Disabler - Spoof 4.65 for all CFW 4.xx

    SPOOF package 4.65 for all CFW CEX 4.60 / 4.55 / 4.50 / Rebug REX 4.46.1 / Unofficial Rebug 4.53.1.

    The connection to the PSN then works enjoy !

    Features v1.00:
    • Compatible standard CFW 4.55 CEX only version
    • Not compatible Rebug or CFW Cobra edition or no-BD
    • Enabling and disabling spoof easily

    Update v1.01:
    • Add: certificate / CAxx version 4.60

    Update v1.02:
    • Add: support CFW 4.50 CEX Standard

    Update v1.03 / v1.04:
    • Add: support CFW Rebug REX 4.46.1
    • Add: support CFW Rebug LITE 4.46.1 Edition
    • Add: Support CFW 4.55 no-BD Edition

    Update v1.05:
    • Correct if bug connection psn with spoof 4.60 for rebug rex

    Update v1.06:
    • Add: spoof version 4.65

    CFW's Compatible:
    • Rogero 4.55 / 4.50 CEX (and no-BD edition)
    • Zero / Habib 4.60 / 4.55 / 4.50 CEX (and no-BD edition)
    • Ferrox 4.60 / 4.55 / 4.50 CEX (and no-BD edition)
    • Arch 4.60 / 4.55 / 4.50 CEX (and no-BD edition)
    • Rebug 4.46.1 REX Edition (only on Retail / Normal mode)
    • Unofficial Rebug 4.53.1 (only on Retail / Normal mode)

    CFW's Not compatible:
    • All CFW Cobra Edition and CFW DEX or CFW 3.xx

    • Delete your old spoof if you have one installed
    • Download and install the package
    • Launch the application, choose the version of your CFW and then choose to enable or disable the spoof 4.60
    • Then put yes to two successive questions (yes to reboot, yes to hard reboot)
    • Console restarts and ok

    Note: For CFW's Rebug, set in normal mode through the Rebug Toolbox. If you have a PS3 that does not restart correctly.. No panic, just reinstall your CFW by the recovery mode.

    CFW ARCH 4.65 FLEX v1.03 [SPOOF & WebMan INTEGRATE] (via

    Download: CFW CEX ARCH FLEX 4.65 v1.03 [spoof 4.70 & webman integrate].rar (209.46 MB) / FLEXTOOLS v1.02.pkg (7.16 MB)

    PUP MD5: 6D1085BA86D8D040D8D8BC382AD6E9F7

    To quote: CFW ARCH FLEX is CEX Standard with the COBRA 7.03 added function and integrated WEBMAN.

    Based on the COREOS of CFW Rebug 4.65.1 & 4.46.1 to make a CFW really very stable and both easy to use for novices.

    This CFW has a spoof embedded 4.70 (only in normal mode) as well as the latest version of Webman Mod (by Aldostools) modified and adapted.

    A package named flextools planned for this CFW is to simplify use, this is detailed below.

    PS3 CFW CEX 4 65 ARCH FLEX v1 03 Demo Video

    • Patch Peek and poke support
    • Patch RSOD Bybass
    • Compatible Reactpsn
    • Patch BT / BluRay DISC
    • Patch QA Token compatibility
    • LV1 Disable System Integrity Check and allow mapping of protected memory
    • Patch OtherOS ( OtherOS++ support actived )
    • Patch Remote Play
    • Patch Alphabetical
    • Cinavia full patched
    • Compatible ISO psx/ps2/psp/BD/DVD and game remaster or mini
    • Version spoofer 4.70 ( connexion PSN ok ) ( enabled by default in the normal fashion only, per way for DEX )
    • Latest Webman Mod by Aldostools (modified and adapted for the CFW Flex only)
    • Compatible connexion ProDG ( only in DEX/debug mode )
    • Compatible rebug toolbox
    • All functions Debug in DEX Mode
    • Webman and options install_package_file and app_home and are in a stealth folder named PlayStation 3
    • Possibility of downgrade with CFW downgrader ( with QA activated )
    • Compatible with any model PS3 (fat or slim)
    • Compatible CCAPI 2.60 Rev2

    Optional Features:
    • Change coldboot audio and video
    • Change wave background

    • v1.00 Beta version
    • v1.01 / v1.02 - Beta 2, various bug fixes
    • v1.03 - Stable version


    Aldostools (for webman mod original)
    DeanK (for the original coding Webman)
    Rebug Team (for COREOS's)
    iMCSx (for vsh patcher to fix 80710A06 error code)

    Help Using:

    When starting the ps3, Webman is automatically loaded by default.

    Webman has shortcuts like:
    • R2 + TRIANGLE (disable syscall and erases history before connecting to the psn for example)
    • L3 + L2 + SQUARE (toggle based DEX / Debug)
    • L3 + L2 + X (rocker CEX QA menu DEX menu or vice versa)
    • L3 + L2 + ROUND (back to normal function)

    All shortcuts are displayed in webman setting.

    To disable Webman, install the FLEXTOOLS package and disable Webman or choose different options. You can disable the spoof 4.70 also with this tool.

    NOTE: The fan control is enabled by default. If you find that it is unnecessary or too noisy, disable this function in Webman setting also. Installation by recovery mode recommended!

    Finally, below are other some recent PS3 v4.65 Custom Firmware (CFW) releases for those interested:

    [imglink=|PS3 4.65 Spoof Enabler / Disabler by Arachetous for PSN on CFW Out][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 4.65 Spoof Enabler / Disabler by Arachetous for PSN on CFW Out][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    urat Guest
    any chance to 4.55 HABIB COBRA SPOOF to 4.65?

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    beanbaggins Guest
    I thought 4.65 was optional

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    Zarod Guest
    bean: What makes you say that? 4.65 is optional. It's 4.60 that's required. I wasn't required to update to 4.65, but I did it anyway just to have it. They'll probably come out with another update in the future that's required that includes the update features anyway, so it doesn't really matter either way.

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    beanbaggins Guest
    "....developer arachetous made available a PS3 4.65 Spoof Enabler / Disabler which allows 4.xx CEX CFW users to connect to PSN...."

    My point was I thought you could connect to PSN anyway. Am I mistaken?

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    Zarod Guest
    Ah, I see. The thing is, even with the 4.65 update, there is still an updated security measure in place. So it's not officially required to update, but if you have CFW, you should consider the spoof update due to the updated security with 4.65.

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    Arach Guest
    Hi all,

    ej2095 : now it is inevitably necessary that you flasher downgrade your PS3 with a modchip.

    All, this spoof allows to be ready if Sony updates this bet 4.65 obligatory for PSN (what it is already produced for the updating 4.53).

    SPOOF UPDATE v1.07 : fix RSOD with Rebug 4.46.1 REX

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