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    Jr. Member beanbaggins's Avatar
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    May 2014

    We don't know for sure if there was a security update. Also, I am on Rogero 4.46 Cobra so it wont work for me anyway. I know this is the wrong thread to ask but kinda relates, but can I load ntfs iso's with new mamba payload in non cobra fw?

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    Contributor Arach's Avatar
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    Feb 2014

    Sorry but my spoof does not support CFW 4.46 except Rebug 4.46.1 Rex. There are too many CFW on the internet and I concentrate maximum principal CFW on a single package.

    Why not get on a CFW other than yours ?

    Thanks for having updated the news
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    Newbie loibe's Avatar
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    Sep 2014

    Got my Ps3 made ​​in the demo mode version 4.65 I can somehow multiman or other install or I can of demo mode off in a cfw change help please thanks in advance.

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    I want know just 1 thing:

    Its possible to jailbreak a ps3 super slim 12 gb firmware 4.65 without flasher?

    If that its not possible when you think will be? Please ask me fast.

    Thanks You

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    Sr. Member Zarod's Avatar
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    Aug 2010

    No, else there wouldn't be a hardware flasher to begin with. Secondly, you can't downgrade the Super Slim to jailbreak it. It's most likely never going to happen, but there are some people trying to crack it, so all we can do is wait and see if it'll ever be possible.

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    Ok. i understand, so you think if they will successfully crack it will be possible. I think if there will be more ps3 update to don't install it. Right?

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    Contributor rajik0's Avatar
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    Sep 2014

    pls help me my ps3 SLIM MODEL 2008B update 4.65 MultiMAN is not working

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    Contributor wrexer's Avatar
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    Sep 2014

    now that im successful to 4.65 with this program... do i still need to use PSNpatch to go online or am I good to go online with just enabling this program???

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    I get firmware error 4.65

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    thx you



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