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    Zarod Guest

    PS3 System Software Update v4.55 Arrives, Details Available

    Following up on their PS4 1.60 OFW and previous PlayStation 3 Official Firmware update, today Sony has released a mandatory PS3 System Software Update v4.55 with details below.

    Download: PS3 Firmware Update v4.55 (US) / PS3 Firmware Update v4.55 (EU) / PS3 Firmware Update v4.55 (JP) / tasks.rar (for PS3 MFW 4.55)

    It is required for online play so update is indeed mandatory, however, it's unknown whether it is a simple stability update or adds some new features.

    From SPYRO4321: I called support and the lady have me the patch notes saying it's an update for the Blu-ray player and a check on the DVD.

    From bitsbubba: Certs are the same as 4.46/4.50/4.53.. make sure all spoofs are disabled mmCM(multiMAN)/webMAN/PSNPatch before enabling 4.55 spoof.

    From DarkC2: How to spoof to 4.55:

    1) Ensure PSNPatch 2.20 & mmCM are both installed.
    2) Open mmCM, FTP to: /dev_hdd0/game/PSNP11001/USRDIR
    3) DL cobra_version.txt. Replace it with this content: 0455 62848 #
    4) Reupload the file to your PS3, (disable the 4.53 spoof you have active in mmCM && reboot, if you used online spoofing features previously)
    5) Start PSNPatch, hit "SELECT" twice, then "START". Done! You are spoofed to 4.55. You're welcome.

    From sandungas: People are reporting problems in some specific models, and i wonder if anyone have took a look at the Blu-ray firmware versions that comes inside the .PUP is possible the firmware for some Blu-ray drives models has been updated, and these are the models that sony have fixed.

    In this list... The BDPT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE_308R.pkg etc... (there is one .pkg for each Blu-ray model) The Blu-ray models are identified (by the firmware installer) by using a "h_id" that can be seen here. Every h_id defines a group of Blu-ray models, e.g (based on this table): BDPT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE_308R.pkg = 0x8 , 0x8 = BD-460. Then in this table you can see wich PS3 models used a BD-460 , BD-460 = CECH-25xx.

    From zecoxao: It isn't hard to guess, we'll only know if we analyze sv_iso_spu_module but it should be something like this:

    Sony has the ODDE problem at their hands. they can't do crap about hackables, because they can't mess with per console stuff (such as the drive keys) So, they just screw unhackables. new BD drive firmware, an extra layer of perconsole auth in sv_iso so that the communication is never bypassed, and that's it

    From haz367: 455 MFW updated patterns:

    vsh.self >
    reactpsn patch
    firmsys value

    lv2_kernel >
    peekpoke part2 patch
    hermes 4.55+ipf
    syscall36 patch 3,4 update!

    BASIC455 habib like = OK
    backup managers needs update = firmv 0.00

    Sure sandungas, it could be me but the new content size for cos, could it give problems for OFW hardware downgrade??! 455mfw BASIC like a basic HABIB CFW is ok (not cobra) ROS0/1 filled with 4.55 mfw = 00's = 15,11% and FF's = 10,48%. 4.54MB each ros, dump info: (note the new ros0/1 content size!)

    Mysis/flowrebuilder when inject patch complains about the same > flash region size!! BWE is kinda getting invalid also, it reports 455/355 when it contains 2x 455 and with the same Flashregion content/size errors

    [Register or Login to view code]

    The cos is weird, the statistics are 5,5%/10.52% with 4.55/4.46 ros and something changed SCE header/size? wise normally it starts with 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 6F FF E0

    Size of the COREOS, this time the 4.55 uses smaller size > 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 58 B9 90 when you patch it/flowrebuilder makes patched dump with that "flashregion" error - bwe report:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    To RedDot-3ND7355: someone posted updated taskset (linked above) for 455 (all ok incl upd herm/ipftbox, the lv2 syc36patch 3,4 update works patchwise... not tested yet) basic habib style, rogero 45x style fine (sysc36 needs test!) and the created cos is smaller btw! not to sure for hardware downgrade.

    Currently there is no official PS3 4.55 OFW changelog available, but as always we will update this article as more details surface!

    Update: Official 4.55 Changelog is now available:
    • System stability during use of PlayStation 3 format software has been improved.

    Also from zathor-k2 comes a PS3 4.55 software update errors / problems fix below, as follows:

    Hello everyone! I'm a computer programmer from Poland and I'm actually using my PS3 not only as gaming console but also as home theatre system. Yesterday I turned it on to stream some music from TuneIn app and I was really mad when it suddenly stopped working right after updating software to version 4.55 (black screen, no sound, no response to dualshock).

    When I turned it on again after 10 minutes I got "system overheating" error (wut?) and it just powered off (black standby led).
    Next time I tried to turn it on it said that "system was not turned off properly" and that "filesystem can be corrupted", I pressed X to repair the filesystem but after restart it powered off again with system overheat error...

    Then I came here to find what's going on and I saw bunch of topics with 4.55 update errors, not working Blu-ray discs, wifi / psn disconnects and video / audio problems. And sony says that 4.55 update improves general stability of PS3.

    Here is what I did to fix my PS3 (use at your own risk):

    1. Boot PS3 to Safe Mode (support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1488#activate)
    2. Run "Restore File System" and follow on screen instructions (takes few minutes to complete)
    2a. After that your PS3 should reboot to XMB
    3. Boot your PS3 to Safe Mode again
    4. This time select "Rebuild Database" and again follow on screen instructions (rebuilding can take a lot of time depending on how much data you have stored on your HDD)
    4a. PS3 should boot to XMB now
    5. Restart your console and you are done!

    I think that 4.55 update does something bad to PS3 filesystem and rebuilding / repairing it fixes all duplicated or overwritten content! Tell me if this works for you and spread the word so everyone can see this!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Xtreamst Guest
    ODE check?

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    sheaushyong Guest
    ODE user dont update !! Black Screen

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    franzes80 Guest
    Ode no work warning.

    Inviato dal mio GT-I8190 utilizzando Tapatalk.

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    RedSky Guest
    Using ks-r v1.2 with 2.07fw works

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    lionsfan420 Guest
    This is not good... I'm so glad I havent purchased one of those for my OFW console that I accidently updated. lol lets hope for a patch from the ODE makers, or all hell is going to break loose on the PS3 sites. lmfao

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    I have tested with my ofw ps3 and ode and it works!

    CECH2004A ODE v3.00 bootloader 1.2, mcu 1.9

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    elser1 Guest
    I wish sony would forget about ps3 pirates and combatting it and work on ps4 and making that better

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    DeWITT98 Guest
    I'm using rogero 4.50v1.01 with psn patch and stealthman. Does that mean I have to avoid logging in to psn in the meantime?

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    Zarod Guest
    Changelog is now available, and according to that:

    New for 4.55

    System stability during use of PlayStation 3 format software has been improved.

    That's it, nothing more than what was added from 4.50/4.53. Just system stability.

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