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Thread: PS3 System Software Update v4.55 Arrives, Details Available

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    misiozol Guest
    System stability what a BS.

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    TheZack Guest
    Ode works for me with ofw 4.55 , i have a ps3 slim 3xxx, i installed the update from recovery options and i had pt on.

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    51N15T3R Guest
    I'm using ps3ita 4.50 dex. No update for me and I'm able to connect to psn.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    At least it's not bricking anything...

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    Kraga Phan Guest
    If its only stability then I won't be upgrading.

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    ALCAMJI Guest
    SONY can't stop cfw now, and also it's more focused on PS4 now so at the end the PS3 will end like the PSP...

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    jiraiga Guest

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    omilz3 Guest

    Great work guys

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    Jatin2626 Guest
    cool pls help me download ps3 system update V4.53

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    Apr 2005
    You have to make a comment on one of the mainpage articles then I will promote you to be able to download files, view links, etc.

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