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  1. #21
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Rogero CFW isn't working either, I guess you're right. Well it was good while it lasted I guess

  2. #22
    dyceast Guest
    fckpsn 7.0b and 8 don't work anymore

    Definitely was good while it lasted.. Lets hope they find another solution.

  3. #23
    morenus Guest
    PSN is over. Now we have to wait one new spoof for access again.

  4. #24
    fantopoulos Guest
    get real dude doesn't rogero 3.3 with 4.21 spoofer work?

  5. #25
    southpawryder Guest


    they do any thing to control us

  6. #26
    UserDifferentia Guest
    Hi, does anyone know where I can get CFW 4.21? The last one I downloaded was corrupted; I guess I was fortunate because my PS3 didn't want to install it... because the data on the CFW was corrupted.

  7. #27
    YuuZA Guest
    YuuZA: Have a seat UserDifferentia, i have some bad news for you.
    UserDifferentia: Tell me as i can handle it while standing...
    YuuZA: There is no 4.21 CFW... walks out as UserDifferentia falls to the floor...

    /OT, I think i am going to update to OFW soon

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