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Thread: PS3 System Software Update v3.72 Incoming, Features Detailed

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    theone1982 Guest
    another road to cross

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    hanglaromaps3 Guest
    can use multiman on this version?

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    Denida Guest
    You cannot use multimanager on this, 3.55 is newest you can...

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    internetfloozy Guest
    There looks to be two new files added inside of the Core_OS_Package, I only have 3.66 for comparison but Sony could be working on something with ps3 emulation for those without backward compatibility.


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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Were did you find them? I extracted these but they did not show up

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    internetfloozy Guest
    I ran unpkg on core_os_package.pkg and those two files were unpacked, among the usual.

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    Denida Guest
    Sony did trademark something related to BC on Ps3 over a year ago that could have hinted to some other accesory to run BC, but nothing ever came of it, if what you found would hint to them doing any with that who knows...

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    mushy409 Guest
    Any other 'sneaky' updates sony has slipped in? I'm wondering if the new (un-downgradeable) loader is implemented in this update? I remember reading about this a few days ago. Can sony patch this on ALL the consoles?

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Found them... Good news! I compared the files with some files on the 20GB PS3's that support software emulation. Guess what... it's almost the same! This might work out real nice

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hanglaromaps3 View Post
    can use multiman on this version?
    When we have 3.72 CFW and we're able to install multiMAN on it.

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