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    Quote Originally Posted by weii View Post
    Yeah, nothing optional about it. It forces you to update if you ever want to sign into PSN.
    No - it doesn't - that's why it's called optional There were several non-mandatory FWs in the past already, nothing new or unusual about that. But indeed - soon or later - this one or next will become mandatory anyway.

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    ahhh.. it makes you wonder if people have been caught logging in with cfw3.61 that's why the update is here and its optional as the cfw isnt released publically yet.. HMMM. wonder if theres a gaping hole in 3.61.. wish i knew what to do, but i don't so i'm gonna sit here and speculate.. LOL

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    If my memory serves me correctly, I think there was an optional update around 3.2x that prevented you to go on PSN until you updated ... but I could be mistaken

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    Just to clear the "OPTIONAL" bit up.. Just signed in to the ps3 and did NOT ask me to update.

    I then played a game of COD BO, again did NOT ask me to update. Went to the PS Store and did NOT ask me to update.

    I the went to SYSTEM UPDATE via XMB and it said the 3.65 was available, I'm currently running 3.61, just pressed O to cancel and went back to playing COD BO.

    So to me it's OPTIONAL at this time.


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    I hope and hope like every other update sony have been stupid and left an exploit for us to hack open.

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    that's funny, it wasn't optional for me.. it wouldn't let me sign into psn unless i updated first. every time i went to sign in, it said a new update is available, please update your system software yes or no. i chose no, and it wouldn't sign in.

    tried to sign in, and the same message appeared.
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    Was expecting a FW update to happen since I've been hearing about PSP games coming to the PS3. Might be another good reason for me to get another PS3 someday lol.

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    at last we are not force in update the fw. something change?

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    Some older PS3 Firmware updates weren't mandatory for all users at the time of release also, for example 2.43:

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    Sorry, to clarify some things.

    Monday night, after playing MAG trial, which was when they "released" the firmware, it was not quite optional if when signed off from one account and tried to sign on to another account. There were people posting such problems on their blog too.

    Obviously, they changed it to optional sometime between then and Tuesday morning because ability to log into the PSN with official firmware 3.61 is back again.

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