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    DeviDVS Guest
    Spoof 4.46 by Team SGK, Checked, working!!! Compatible with all CFW 4.XX


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    jabberosx Guest
    its already gone.. deleted.. erased.

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    lSHaDoWl Guest
    I finally got home to my ps3 and Used your Blade-mod and i confirm its working fine and i signed in to psn while i am on rebug 4.41 i totally recommend it.

    Try again Spoof 4.46 by Team SGK the link posted above i downloaded two times and its working right now !

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    JeoWay Guest

    Post [PS3 4.46] New Feature Discovered

    Recently I received a Spartacus Legends Message from Sony for 50 Free Gold and was needed to re-download the game for bug fixes. As I was in the process of going through the download and preparing process, I came across a new mini-feature!

    -Preparing a download for background download now has the percentage bar for time left / % done!

    -Preparing a game is now very quick unlike the slowness of before.

    I also discovered this cool feature where if you sync your trophies and click the "O" button, your PS3 will freeze for a cool 30 seconds

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    leckardt Guest
    What is the first thing I need to do or get to mod my ps3?

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    JeoWay Guest
    If your on 3.56+ and your ps3 is downgradable. A hardware flasher

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    kaito kid Guest
    Hi everyone, I want ps3 keys 4.46 but not any keys I need for PUAD 1.5 because I have until 4.41 look at this picture I want 4.46

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    See here (scroll down) which may be of use: http://www.ps4news.com/playstation-3...45-ps3-bricks/

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    Ps3scener Guest



    [Register or Login to view code]

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    JeoWay Guest
    So is this from a signed Ps3swu.self? For console with minimum version of 3.55?

    Looks roughly the same, then again, so does everything...

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