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  1. #11
    niwakun Guest
    logan5's tool should work just fine for those who already in 4.xx firmware.

    for 3.55 firmware use the Rebug's spoofer for 4.41 with combination of logan5's tool.

  2. #12
    lSHaDoWl Guest
    THANKS A LOT mate

    its much appreciated.

  3. #13
    Blade86 Guest
    You know how to copy the cer-file into your flash?

  4. #14
    Natepig Guest
    Its crazy this is needed in the first place. Sony must have made cutbacks in the quality control department.

  5. #15
    lSHaDoWl Guest
    FTP like i move normal files right ?

    i use Winscp and blackb0xFTP.

  6. #16
    Blade86 Guest
    1st: you need to enable "dev_blind", you can do it with multiman in the xmb-view goto settings and the 3rd or 4th option FROM BOTTOM is dev_blind.

    2nd: you can copy the ca27-file with multi man from usb-stick to dev_blind/data/cert and then reboot

  7. #17
    lSHaDoWl Guest
    okay, yup i have the latest Multiman, so i do that way.

    and yes the usb way would be faster and easier.

  8. #18
    Blade86 Guest
    nice, hope it helped ya! And if sony brings the next update, you can just open the "*.yml" file in notepad and change ther "4.46" to the next update-ver and BAAAM there is PSN again

  9. #19
    StanSmith Guest
    Why doesn't someone release a homebrew app that lets us easily change the firmware number?

    Every update they release a patch so why not just release an app that we get to choose the number? Then they would only have to release 1 app not one every update.

  10. #20
    Blade86 Guest
    I did 36 weeks ago


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