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Thread: PS3 System Software Update 4.10 Arrives, Details and New TOS

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    Transient Guest

    PS3 System Software Update 4.10 Arrives, Details and New TOS

    Today Sony Network Entertainment VP Eric Lempel has announced that the mandatory PS3 System Software Update 4.10 has arrived with details outlined below on their latest PlayStation 3 Firmware, as follows:

    Download: PS3 System Software Update 4.10 (US) / PS3 System Software Update 4.10 (EU) / New Web Browser courtesy of ps3hen / PS3 4.10 Core_OS (Extracted)

    Hi, everyone. We are releasing a new system software update (v4.10) for PlayStation 3 today that will include a few minor changes that we want to make you all aware of.

    First off, once you download the new system software, you will be asked to accept a change to our Terms of Service. In an effort for more unity between PlayStation Network (PSN) and other Sony Entertainment Network services, your "PSN Account" will now be named "Sony Entertainment Network Account."

    Please note that this change is one in name only and will not change the PSN that you know and love. You'll still play games online, still have access to the latest downloadable games and add-ons, and still experience a wide variety of movies, sports and music across PSN.

    With this system software update (v4.10), we'll also be updating the PS3 Internet Browser with improved display speed.

    You can find more details after the firmware goes live here. We look forward to your feedback in the comments below.

    Updates: According to, PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.10 now features dropbox support as well.

    To quote: "If there’s one thing that many, many PS3 owners have been longing for, it was Dropbox support on their consoles. For those not familiar with the service, Dropbox allows users to upload files from their computers (movies, music, etc.), and then download those files from just about anywhere, and now that “anywhere” includes the PlayStation 3. Dropbox’s main site was previously unusable on the PlayStation 3, but is now fully functional (except for uploads from the PS3 itself, which may cause the system to freeze).

    We tested everything from music to movies, all downloaded with no problems at all, and boy were the downloads fast! This is one incredible addition to the PS3 arsenal, and may very well have gone unnoticed by many. With Dropbox offering 2GB free just for signing up, folks will no longer have to worry about portable hard drives and USB thumb drives to move their content to their PS3... how cool is that!?"

    The update also mentions improvements to the browser as well as automatic time synchronization with PSN/SEN.

    Oh wow, they've changed out the crappy browser for a Webkit based one that actually works. Hurray!

    The new features include:
    • The Internet browser has been improved, which optimizes the display of content and increases the accuracy when viewing page layouts. Some sites that previously could not be correctly displayed, including interactive websites, are now supported with the PS3 system software 4.10.
    • Every time your PS3 system to connect to PlayStation Network (PSN) are prepared in the time you can precisely set via the Internet. For this you go into the XMB (XrossMediaBar) on [Settings]> [Date and Time Settings] [Automatic Settings] to.
    • PSN account will be renamed Sony Entertainment Network account. The registration process and the credentials will remain the same.
    • In order to download PS3 system software version 4.10 requires at least 180 MB of free space on the PS3 Hard Disk Drive (System Update) or on removable storage media (PC Update).

    Sony PlayStation 3 hacker KaKaRoToKS has also confirmed (!/KaKaRoToKS/status/167468527484284928) that the exploit still is working in PS3 4.10 Firmware. Below are a few Tweets, as follows:
    • Confirmed (by someone in the team) that we can still install the packages in 4.10, but we still can't run apps in 4.0 or 4.10.
    • We don't know if the exploit to run apps in 4.0 (once we find one) would work on 4.10, so my advice: don't update unless you really need to

    Finally, in related PS3 homebrew news today cotojestwtf has once again updated his PSN DNS bypass application to Yet Another Bypass 1.3 followed by Yet Another Bypass 1.4 and Yet Another Bypass 1.5 with the changes outlined below:

    Yet Another Bypass:

    How to use:

    1. Start bat file YABStart
    2. Set up on PS3/Proxy Seetings IP: of your computer
    3. Set up on PS3/Proxy Seetings Port: 27 u can change them on config folder (port.txt)
    4. Connect to SEN

    Successfully bypassed 4.10 on 4.00

    • No It no gain you PSN on CFW.
    • No You can't connect to SEN on firmware below 4.00.

    You can download all stuff from PSStore without error. Enjoy.

    • 1.5 - added bypass support for JP, UK users.
    • 1.4 - added bypass support for US, AU users.
    • 1.3 - GUI was removed, successfully bypassed a new firmware 4.10.
    • 1.2 - GUI Mode was added, but it cause a conectivity problems.
    • 1.1 - added YABKill to kill a proxy server.
    • 1.0 - first release.

    [imglink=|PS3 System Software Update 4.10 Arrives, Details and New TOS][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    yeah i'm just downloading it as of now.. i wonder if the downgraders will still work?

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    Apr 2005
    Cheers for the news Transient, +Rep and I have now promoted it to the main page as well!

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well I don't think sony can do anything now against NAND and NOR flashers just with firmware updates now, but we will probably find out for sure soon.

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    Scaper Guest
    It's always been webkit based, they have just updated webkit core.

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    ps3hen Guest
    "Improvement" "OFW" and "Sony" in the same story. I think I'm going mad

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    Transient Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Scaper View Post
    It's always been webkit based, they have just updated webkit core.
    I don't believe that's correct. They were using the NetFront browser which has now been replaced with/upgraded to NetFront NX. Only the NX version is Webkit-based and that browser was only announced back in June.

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    ps3hen Guest

    Cool Some extended 4.10 Update Details

    I have some extended 4.10 Update Details:

    1. Sony actually did some work to improve the web browser, they added five new .sprx files for it and added a 'webkit' to the Resource section of the VSH. For Those interested can download you can download it here
    2. The PSN category xml has changed. Adding a new Facebook Rating item:
                  <Table key="cam_facebook_rating">
                      <Pair key="info"><String>cam_facebook_rating</String></Pair>
                      <Pair key="info_rsc"><String>msg_publish_rate_stories_explanation</String></Pair>
                      <Pair key="icon_rsc"><String>item_tex_cam_icon</String></Pair>
                      <Pair key="title_rsc"><String>msg_publish_rate_stories</String></Pair>
      *Also also "msg_language_psn_explanation" has been added to the language settings in PSN account management*
    3. There is no ps2_softemu.self in FW 4.10
    4. The vsh.self has shrunk 5712 bytes in size.
    5. Several rco files have changed(probably due to the renaming of Playstation Network to Sony Entertainment Network), some notable changes include the sysconf_plugin.rco:

      Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and its subsidiaries (collectively "SCE") would like to collect a report about the software problem that occurred on your PS3™ system.
      The report will include information about your use of this system as well as information about your hardware and software. It may also include personal information such as your PlayStationŽNetwork account information, content saved on your PS3™ system and your e-mail address, if this information was being used on your PS3™ system at the time of the problem.
      The report will only be used by SCE and by the developer of the software that was in use to improve the quality of products and services. You can find more information about how SCE uses your personal information in the Privacy Policy available at the SCE Web site for your region.
      In 4.10 Sony omits the underlined part, Sneaky Sony.
      <Text name="msg_timezone_samoa_american">GMT-11:00 Samoa Islands</Text>
          <Text name="msg_timezone_samoa_independent">GMT+13:00 Samoa Islands</Text>
      Sony has replaced the one Samoa Islands timezone with two different ones.
    6. In the explore_plugin_full.rco some interesting things have been added:
      <Text name="msg_copy_plural_psplus_with_icon">Copy Multiple</Text>
      <Text name="msg_bdu_software">Software</Text>

    Interesting Isn't it

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Wonder if the new browser is really good.

    If it is how long till we can get it working with CFW?

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    ps3hen Guest
    I don't know if this is how it is done. But to get this on 3.55 CFW wouldn't we have to decrypt the relevant .sprx files and re-encrypt them for 3.55 and then patch the 3.55 vsh.self to use them?

    Although what's stopping us doing this, is not having the keys to decrypt them in the first place.

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