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    mushy409 Guest
    We shall soon find out... Just testing this out on a 16Mb NOR console updated from 3.70 to 4.10. I'll try it with the usual method (Progskeet d/g patch) and post results. Might be a while yet as I'm using the progger in another console.

    Watch this space!!!

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    kiwto Guest
    can you downgrade still with e3?

  3. #23
    mushy409 Guest
    I don't mean to be rude but... HAVE YOU ACTUALLY READ THE TOPIC!?

    No-one has tried downgrading yet. I'm just about to try it...

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    dogggg Guest
    finally i've fixed my 2nd YLOD ps3 and update it 3.70 --> 4.10 since my 1st ps3 (3.55.2 rebug) got YLOD last week

    the reason i fixed my 2nd ps3 was to c if fixing my ps3 in a shop will update it and format the HDD or no..! and they only fixed it without updating or formating it.. gonna fix the 1st ps3 and enjoy the CFW and the OFW hehe

    could i ask you something since you tried downgrading...? does it has any side effects like bricking the BRay drive or any other problems..? (BTW i have 2 ps3 "CECHA 60GB") bcuz i'm planning to upgrade my CFW PS3 HDD to 500GB and don't want to lose the trophies... soo gonna update it to sync the trophies then downgrade it.. and thx

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    NTA Guest
    how were you able to fix your ylod ps3?

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    ps3hen Guest
    After looking over cotojestwtf's proxy it seems to only support spoofing EU region PS3s. I was reluctant to say this, but Sony were going to find out anyway, the spoof is quite simple. Basically authenticating to SEN is the same between 4.00 and 4.10, the PS3 simply checks to see if it is on the latest FW by comparing it's firmware version to that of the ps3-updatelist.txt.

    So using a 4.00 ps3-updatelist.txt for your region lets you go online on 4.00. So to make this work for your region download this ps3-updatelist.txt (delete the region entries you do not need), use your favourite ps3 proxy, and redirect the update list to this one.

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    technodon Guest


    Yes you can, i confirmed this earlier

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    dogggg Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NTA View Post
    how were you able to fix your ylod ps3?
    well, i took it to the nearest shop and they called me the 2nd day that its fixed..

    the price = 350_QR (96.11_USD)

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    elser1 Guest
    if you upgrade and then sync your trophies to psn you will be fine.. should be anyways.. LOL

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    DemonoidMaster Guest
    Wow finally... a new browser !! i hope this fixes the whole cluster that google was causing on the PS3's browser when searching via Google (i'm sure this has something to do with the whole "We're changing our privacy policy and terms. This stuff matters. Learn More| Dismiss" thing that just started popping up on the results page...) Fix yo stuff google... its breaking the PS3 hurrr!!

    Quite the irony Mushy, ...you telling someone to read the topic when yet you yourself didn't see nor read that TechnoDon actualy DID do a downgrade from 4.10 to 3.xx without any problems (however, this is what he said so we'd love to see proof of this... like anybody else would want to..)

    Read the topic again, because i don't think you did...

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