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Thread: ps3 stuck in black screen under linux !

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    prettyboyal104 Guest

    ps3 stuck in black screen under linux !

    ok here the run down , i originally had YDL installed and running on my ps3 then i run my ps3 backup restore to get back my files on my ps3 . i try to switch to other os to see if it still install and now im stuck in a black screen and cant reset the system

    anyone out there can help me ?

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    31ken31 Guest
    hold down the power/reset button until u hear it beep twice it resets the system back to defaults.. usually like 8-10 seconds

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    prettyboyal104 Guest
    ok i figure it out , ps3 has 2 ways to reset the system (for ppl how don't know), one is to hold down the the power bottom for 2 beeps and it will reset. but in my case that didn't work for some odd reason. so I try other reset trick which is made to reset the screen display , to do that you most power down the system then when you hit the power back on keep your hand on the power button and it will reset the video output and set it back to 420p and ask you do you want to keep the setting .. wooo hooo that did the trick so those who switch from hmdi to component evr so off en then this reset perfect for you , no more connecting both wires at once to set up the video output

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    evilsephiroth Guest
    or you can enter shift + F1 so another X terminal come out so you can discover the error

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