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    PS3 in stores today :)

    I work for UPS and loading on my truck today was 2 cases of PS3's for EBGames. Just a wild guess but im guessing one case was the smaller hard drive and one was larger. One case was silvers and one was black ones. Is this color scheme how they differentiate between which model is which? Anyway the EBgames is a fairly busy store so if you preordered more than fifth in line for either model I wouldnt get your hopes up. This is a busy EBgames and they got 5 of each so dont know if any will get large amounts or not at any locations. Also my wife works for Kmart and they have none yet so any people looking to eke one out at a store like that may not even bother I will update if Kmarts get them. She works at a urban store so should be about avg pull for any kmart.

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    Wow you actually have a Kmart near where you live. There used to be a Kmart where I live, but it closed down, along with all the other Kmart stores in the state.

    Oh yeah, what is the sentence for stealing mail?

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    UPS not USPS lol Anyway i was salivating at them today. And Kmarts are not in a lot of places which is why on launch days for stuff like this people are usually not there. So if they get any its a safe bet you can get one at opening.

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    sweet, i'm sure we will see lots of reports of people unloading these things. i just hope my shipment makes it to the store i reserved at. *points finger at anyone thinking about jacking the truck...*

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    We got games today at the gamestop i work at i hate the boxes they are clear and smaller then a normal dvd case once again sony doing some strange stuff. no midnight sale at my store for the ps3 just the wii

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    Exciting news- thanks for the updates guys!

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    This is so sweet people who work at game stores leaking stuff like this for us. Bravo guys. I agree to the ps3 cases look weird with a clear bar at the top. Keep up the info guys.

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    Different isn't necessarily "weird". I think the new style is cool - at least nothing wrong with it. It's just a bit smaller than the regular DVD case. Probably because they want to make sure it's differentiated because it's a new format and all.

    I'm a bit upset they're in of those PS3's has my name on it and I can't play it yet. *cry*

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    One will be setup right here real soon. This is too much Makes me so ah well.. soon enough.

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    Apparently I was mistaken in my original post as a coworker pointed out that the cases i believed to be PS3's were in fact PS2's. Anyway the real PS3's came through today (it said on the outside) and EBgames on my trucks got 4 for each store and Target got 4. EB games got about 40 Wii's ad Target got about 30. Oh yes and Kmarts will mostly get no PS3's for launch.

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