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    Psone Classics (not Working)

    TEKKEN 2:

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    Requests & Contributers

    OK, we currently have the following requests. Please do not request something already on this list or games for specific regions that are already on the list as a us link.
    -Agarest Senki theme JAP store themes
    -Folklore addons 1-6
    -Metal Gear Solid Online
    -Need for Speed: Prostreet extra cars
    -Ninja Gaiden Weapon Master USA
    -Oblivion Shivering Isles Expansion
    -Sonic The Hedgehog Addons
    -Spiderman 3 Goblin Addon EUR

    Big Thanks To The Following Members:
    -Duff Man
    -Calimero Oeuf

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    Ive been thinking a bit about how to stop the links thread from being so clumsy, and figured that a seperate post for each section would be the best fix.

    By clicking the arrow on the top right of each post, it can be minimized down.
    Dont want to have to scroll past all those non-working psn games? just minimize the post and everytime you log on it will stay hidden.
    Dont want the _hundreds_ of aussie videos to bog you down? do the same thing.

    This means that we can keep the posterity of the thread so it includes every store link to date, but avoid it getting ridiculously long.

    For the moment ignore how big the text is as it seems my copy paste job has broken some of the formating, but any comments on other things to fix would be appreciated. If there are no complaints ill iron out these issues and change the main thread to reflect this.

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    Wow... and to think this is only going to continue expanding over the next year too.

    Although your idea seems fine, since this thread is for feedback the only other addition I have is we could make a direct-link to each 'post' as a sub-section of the PS3 Online Chat Forum.

    This way, if a user is only interested in "Demos" they can click on the Demos link to go right to that section versus expanding/collapsing arrows (which is still fine also). Others?

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    Seems like a reasonable idea admin, but i think it might have an adverse affect and make this more messy. Eg. having the faq included in a seperate post would mean it would virtually never get read. Also, especially with link submitals; i can imagine it would get a little confusing. I feel that having everything in the one place, but customizeable to the user is going to make it the most user friendly. Despite this, comments and critique are more than encouraged

    Also remember admin, the page looks huge because some of my formatting has been cut out in my rough copy/paste job, but indeed its getting quite large!

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    I guess I explained it poorly.. d'oh! I meant to keep it all in (1) thread, but since you're using seperate POSTS within that thread we could hotlink to those posts in our PS3 Online "Forums" view making them appear as 'sub-Forums' basically.

    Wow, even that sounds confusing... well, I tried!

    For example: Demos and Addons, Apps & Patches

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    I think Super Rub a Dub should be removed from working.
    I don't think the activation works anymore with FW 2.10

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    I tried to download lemmings the other day, using a method that has worked before for me on super rub a dub and gripshift. The lemmings demo downloaded fine but the activation file wouldn't work at all, it just kept displaying errors as soon as it started to download. I think they have fixed the old exploit entirely.

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