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Thread: ps3 store downloaded games working/not working list

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    ps3 store downloaded games working/not working list

    Just a couple of notes for confirmation or so others won't have to waste their bandwith to try out installing the .pkg from the ps3 store links sticky thread.

    All these been tested on fw 1.81, SA (south asia) PS3 machine. Logged in with Australian account.
    .pkg files downloaded to pc first and then transferred to the PS3 via proxy server, [email protected] link method.

    note: copyright = did not start, "The copyright protection information is invalid" message shown.

    Full Games
    Super Rub a dub (activation) - work
    Gripshift (full) - work
    Lemmings (activation) - work
    Mortal Kombat - not working, copyright
    Loco Roco - not working, copyright
    Joust - not working, copyright
    Super Stardust HD - not working, copyright
    Qbert - not working, copyright
    Nucleus (Activation) - not working, game stays as demo
    Super Puzzle Fighter 2 - not working, copyright
    Calling All Cars - not working, copyright

    Pixel Junk Racers Demo - working
    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Demo - working
    Motorstorm Demo - working
    Nucleus Demo - working

    (all demos ones probably work anyway since they're.. well, demo. The only problem would be the different firmware version requirements)

    If you compare these with the PS3 game store links thread, a lot of it actually conflicts with what is noted there (some full games written as working, etc.).

    So I was wondering how did any of you make it work without buying it? If the info on that thread isn't true then could admin please update it... cause in fact I updated my ps3 from 1.51 to 1.81 after I saw that loco roco's full file link was there (i know its not noted as working but i took the chance, + there were lots of others noted as working to try out), but well.. its just disappointing.

    The only non-free games that I managed to install and play perfectly are the 3 mentioned above, gripshit, super rub a dub and lemmings. And note that the only game I've ever bought from the ps3 store is Tekken DR.

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    We just list them as they are initially reported, working or non.. if Sony updates FW since a game's release and they end up not working after, etc then so be it. If you want you are welcomed to post your own updates in this thread... the only thing we do with the other is add new titles as they are released/posted.

    Unfortunately there is no time to do more than that.. our limited Staff is already overworked as it is, so until other members like yourself get involved on a daily basis not much will change.

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