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    PS3 Slim Uses Half the Power of 'Fat' PlayStation 3 Console

    The PS3 Slim was reported as running on 34% less power than the previous 'fat' PlayStation 3 model, however, that figure is inaccurate.

    CNET's Crave (linked above) decided not to take Sony's press releases at their word, and instead plugged a Slim into machines to test its actual power output. And their findings are a little surprising!

    The Slim uses a lot less power than Sony have given it credit for. In standby mode, it's around 70% more efficient, while playing games and Blu-Rays its just over 50% more efficient.

    In relative terms, it appears the PS3 Slim is now a lot more efficient than it's fatter, older, more wasteful brother. Those interested can check out the Power Consumption chart below!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    yea but original has backward comp. and a bigger chip with more usb cords..

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    Shrink Guest


    The new one is ugly and lacks Linux..

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    shummyr Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Shrink View Post
    The new one is ugly and lacks Linux..
    got that right, the new slim PS3 is pitiful compared to the old.. I am a proud owner of the fat ps2!

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    I prefer the old 'Phat' PS3 to the new Slim PS3, only because it still has the ability to install Linux and is backwards compatible.

    As for the Slim using less power I thought that was obvious, especially since it has a die shrink on the CPU, and they've removed some stuff out of it.

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    everglow21 Guest
    yea but original has backward comp. and a bigger chip with more usb cords..
    Meaning the Old one can play ps2 games? I dont get it

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    benere Guest
    I don't really like the new, it looks horrible and who cares if it takes less power consumption and long as it gets the job done

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Well - they should have measured the consumption at "full power" - e.g [email protected]

    Also - it's a bit distressing that I use over 170 W everytime I watch movie (leaving asside TV & amp. consumption) 20 something W seems MUCH better for a standalone BD player ... (And yes - I DO pay my own electricity bills )

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