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Thread: PS3 Slim Photos Spark Legal Action from Taiwanese Law Firm

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    Rtrace Guest

    PS3 Slim Photos Spark Legal Action from Taiwanese Law Firm

    Typically, the "Big Three" console makers -Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony- decline to comment when purported photos of new hardware designs are leaked.

    That wasn't the case last week, when Sony Computer Entertainment Europe flatly dismissed what looked like snapshots of a new 120GB slimline PlayStation 3.

    "We currently don't have any plans for a redesigned PS3," a rep told UK outlet CVG, appearing to put a stake in the heart of the matter.

    However, all that changed this week when the Taiwanese law firm of Li Mo and Associates sent out letters to various gaming outlets demanding that photos of the PS3 Slimline be removed forthwith.

    Sent on behalf of an unnamed client, the letter contains language that suggests the photos may be authentic and not a knockoff console like the much-mocked Vii.

    The letter contains the following text:

    "Dear Sirs,

    As appointed by our client, we hereby inform you that the Web pages on your Web site (as attached hereto) contain some of our client's confidential documents and photos, which were highly possibly illegally released and posted.

    We are investigating this violation and will bring all necessary legal actions regarding this matter. In order to protect the confidential information and prevent you from further legal issues and infringements, please immediately remove those pages and keep our request confidential. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Your cooperation is deeply appreciated."

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    BentleyGT Guest


    If the photos have to be removed, kinda sounds like it's some proof in the pudding.

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    aleXtrm Guest
    HAHAHAHA....."keep our request confidential" - doesn't seem like they did a good job, posting the whole "request" online and all.

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    TREUNO Guest
    I dont get it - what is the big deal with the leaked pictures?
    Isnt any publicity, good publicity - as the saying goes.

    In saying this I highly doubt they will be releasing a slim PS3 and it they did I would not be jumping to buy it, I like the fact the PS3 design I have has undergone a few generations and it quite stable, and I have a feeling/hunch cooling maybe an issue in a slim PS3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TREUNO View Post
    I dont get it - what is the big deal with the leaked pictures?
    Isnt any publicity, good publicity - as the saying goes.
    To speculate, if they were legit perhaps Sony doesn't want it known yet so that people don't "hold out" on buying a PS3 for the next few months until the PS3 Slims are ready for market... especially if a cheaper-made Slim will cost less than the "old stock" PS3's available now.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    LMAO "...and keep our request confidential..."

    Mind you, how sure are we that this "letter" is authentic - eh!

    Personally I can't see sony NOT doing a Slim version, since they've done it with PS1, PS2 & PSP already.

    Its all about getting people to buy old hardware first before they release a new version (more cash for the mighty sony!) - sneaky sob's


    (Fat & Proud! lol)

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    hellospaceboy Guest
    Agree 100%, Sony are either covering up the rumours because there not true and people will hold out for a slim like mentioned above or the slim will be released and Sony dont want people to know about it so the old models sell.

    And if there is a slim, there is bound to be a price drop (which is going to make people wait anyway). For the people who enjoy tech, they might wait because they think the slim will have some new features or something more to offer, apart from a smaller mb, less heat/less power consumption etc.

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