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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Slim and Original PlayStation 3 Size Comparison

    A few days ago some alleged PS3 Slim images were leaked to the Internet via LevelUp.

    Shortly following, IGN stated a GameStop Rep confirmed it.

    Anyone who has seen the leaked images of the PS3 Slim has surely wondered how the size compares to the original PS3.

    Today a new image has surfaced thanks to NeoGAF member RanoNL. The pic shows an original PS3 standing vertically, and along side it what appears to be a PS3 Slim standing vertically.

    While we aren't sure of the validity or the origin of the image, it clearly shows that the PS3 Slim (if that is the same PS3 Slim as the leaked pics) is significantly smaller than the original PS3.

    Taking a closer look at the image, it doesn't appear as though it has the PS3 logo on the bottom, so there is a chance this isn't the same PS3 Slim case as the one shown in the leaked pics.

    For now, all anyone can do is speculate until Tuesday, June 2 at 11AM when the SCEA E3 Press Conference starts, and the PS3 Slim is finally revealed... or not.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    GZA1984 Guest
    Gamestop needs to stop spreading rumors. They´re giving out alot of rumors lately. Most of them end up being false, like the GoW III release date.

    As for the picture, I think it´s a photoshop edited picture. There are way too many different pictures floating around on the net with different `slim` models. And this one seems to have the same model as the normal PS3, but then smaller.

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    Apr 2005


    I notice some people are now saying the PS3 Slim in the NeoGAF comparison picture isn't the same as the one from the Chinese site a few days ago... they are claiming the one in this picture is a PS3 clone called the "FunStation 3" as shown in this video:

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    Vision Guest
    PS3News I believe you are correct about it being a clone.

    I'm 100% positive it's a clone myself for 3 reasons:

    1. Notice the original PS3's shiny plastic. This is a stylistic choice that isn't likely to be changed by Sony simply because it keeps the styling consistent. The smaller 'ps3' has some very knock-off, clone-looking plastic.

    2. The picture is 'cleverly' taken from the bottom. What a great way to hide the faces of the consoles where you would immediately be able to see the small machine is just a clone.

    3. Notice all the wires plugged into the ports on the front of the original ps3? Where are those ports on the 'slim'? Unless the little cover beside the drive bay houses those now like where the MC slots on the original original ps3's were, they aren't there. Just like they wouldn't be on a clone knock-off.

    On top of all this think about it logically, if Sony is having so much trouble even taking $100 off of the ps3's price, do you really think that they have been able to cost-effectively halve the size of that monster? I don't give Sony that much credit. A slim would be cool but I just don't think they have done it yet. A price cut will probably precede a slim model.

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    good find boss
    there must be some shady factory getting stormed by sony officials somewhere in the world

    further reinforcement against this would be that sony wouldnt release a slim console that is merely just photocopy at 60% scale. they would surely re-design using some of the key features from the original ps3, thats what they did when they slimmed the ps2

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    fake or not, it looks sexy as hell, I dont know if id trade my ps2 compatible ps3 for one of those.

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    51N15T3R Guest
    That is 100% a picture of the "Funstation" shown next to a real PS3. Watch that video and notice the 2 controller ports on the front, then look real close at the picture.

    Case solved

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    CyanCaze Guest
    If I was Sony I would sue that company and finally get them to stop making that stuff. It's always the same stupid stuff from Japan that tricks 5 year olds into wasting 30 bucks on their console because they can't read correctly.

    Make no mistake about it, that's the only people who will buy this besides the ones who are doing it as gags. And they used the Sony D-pad and copied the Square, Circle, X and Triangle buttons.... I believe Sony has a Copy Right on both of them.

    Anyway I'm off topic, I don't think that is the actual slim model because it doesn't look a thing like the leaked pic's.

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    lolle Guest
    I think this funstation thing is not real, seems like a cheap copy of ps3. The Controller Port aren't build so good... and its looking like crap.

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    kakarotoks Guest
    yep, that's definitely the funstation.. look at the picture, you can see the two weird looking ports under the eject button (or where it's supposed to be), and in the funstation video when he showed the funstation, we can clearly see the exact same ports in the same position...

    Can someone update the main article please?

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