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    PS3 Slim at GameStop, Best Buy Offers Games to Stop Trade-Ins

    As reported last week, the PlayStation 3 Slim console is now available at GameStop.

    When GameHeadzOnline.com (linked above) asked the manager about the PS3 Slim's early arrival, he told them the PS3 Slim consoles "came in today, and they have Sony's blessing to sell them."

    In related news, Kotaku is reporting that Best Buy is now offering free PS3 games to prevent standard PS3 trade-ins.

    To quote: "An internal memo (below), verified independently by a number of employees at different stores, shows that Best Buy is offering people who come into the store to exchange recently purchased PlayStation 3's for the newly released PS3 Slim a choice of a free PlayStation 3 title and price match in lieu of the new slimmer, larger-hard-drive sporting console.

    Due to the interest in the new Slim model, the memo warns, stores may see people trying to return their console for the newer model. Before doing the exchange, a store is allowed to offer a choice of a free copy of Infamous, MLB 09 The Show or Killzone 2. Not a bad selection, but is it worth more than the smaller footprint and bigger hard drive?"

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    semitope Guest
    LOL! Thats a free game right there even if you dont intent to return the system. Just go and collect the game. Man I wish i could take advantage of that offer.

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    silkweed Guest
    Yeah, but if you paid $399 a couple weeks ago that trade in would net you a new PS3 slim, a bigger hard drive, and $100.

    You could buy the game and still have change.

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    semitope Guest
    You get all that from a trade in? Thought there would be some loss and it wouldnt be an exact exchange of what you paid before :S

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    DMagic1 Guest
    The article states a free game and the $100 price match on the difference. The only thing you will miss out on is the larger harddrive. I guess the free game is suppose to make up for that.

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