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Thread: PS3 Slim CECH-2000B 250GB Model Uncovered at FCC Site

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    PS3 Slim CECH-2000B 250GB Model Uncovered at FCC Site

    Today we uncovered a second PS3 Slim model CECH-2000B (not to be confused with the already known CECH-2000A 120GB model) on the FCC site that Sony tried to hide under a company called Sand Dollar Enterprise, Inc. of 1518 Ascension Drive in San Mateo CA.

    Now, Sand Dollar Enterprise, Inc is represented by SCEA's General Council, Riley Russell.

    This house is actually a private residence, but whomever lives here filed the documents with the FCC, most likely on the behalf of Sony, as they would be much harder to find with a different FCC ID (XCE) than that of Sony (AK8).

    This means that some time in the future (for probably a premium, maybe $349 or so), a new PS3 Slim may come out featuring a 250GB HDD. There is not much of a difference, but expect it to be bundled with a game or so, right in time for Christmas!

    Also, for the DEVs listening - two new PS3 TEST's were hidden in these documents, thats right, Slim Line DEBUG stations!

    The models DECH-2000A, features a 150GB HDD, and should be adorned with the TEST markings, while the DECH-2000AS, will be used for trade shows, when, while being a DEBUG, will not feature any TEST markings.

    More when we get it - but you heard it here, first!

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    Very nice find CJPC, and I would expect nothing less than Sony using shell corporations to hide this on the FCC site considering they lied to everyone about the PS3 Slim existing for so long.

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    nice find and yet another sony shell corporation.. and i wish it included BC.

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