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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Six USB Port Mod video out!

    Not long ago we all saw the PS3 Rear USB Port Mod Video, and today MacSolidWorks is back with his latest creation- a (6) USB Port Mod (4 front and 2 rear) for PS3!

    To quote: My PS3 now boasts six (6) fully functional USB ports, the original four in front, and two (2) in the rear. We used the facilities of Dominion Lasercom's R&D lab for our work location as this is a seriously complex (and frightening) mod.

    Since their are no schematics or plans anywhere on the net to do this, we had a-lot of head scratching and hurdles to deal with, but in the end it worked out very well as you can see.

    Basically what we've done is cut the data path from the internal USB controller chip on the PS3 to the #4 USB port (the one closest to the center).

    We then wired the upstream connection on the "external" hub to the PS3's data output on those traces, thus tricking the PS3 into thinking there's a regular four port hub plugged into the front.

    After that, we wired a downstream cable from the "external" hub back to the PS3's front USB port.

    To activate the two rear USB ports we simply ran 2 pairs of data lines from the "external" hub.

    All power to and from the "external" hub was handled with and old IDE HDD ribbon cable trimmed down to three wires: power, negative, and ground.

    The results:

    1. It works with no limitations

    2. Anything can be plugged into the front and rear USB ports. This includes charging your Sixaxis controller, more hubs, Playstation Eye, external HDD, etc.

    4. This setup is a true USB hub and I absolutely love it!

    I am fully aware I could just plug in a hub, or get a USB extension cable and run it to the back...don't post these kinds of obvious solutions. If you ask me why I did it, my answer is..."why not?"

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    fred5640 Guest
    it's just an usb extension... i think that this is stupid -_-

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    Lumute Guest
    How did he managed to open the PS3 without damaging the warranty sticker?

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    wiseman Guest
    it's not worth to open ur ps3 by just installing another 2 usb port

    hope there will be a PS3 Case Mod anytime sooner

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