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    PS3 Square Button PS3 ScanHDD updates & more news!

    Today GrandpaHomer has updated the ScanHDD utility to v0.3.2, and shortly following HanSooloo updated it once again to v0.4.1. As always, the latest news and info can be found at

    In other PS3 news today, courier has shared some pics and sizes of his recent PS3 BiOS Flash1 (Bottom) / Flash2 (Top) and Blu-ray DVD MX25L1005 Chip1 dumps HERE for those interested. Also, in a note of PS3 humor today... THIS is a confirmed FAKE picture of the Paradox PS3 iSO Loader that has been circulating around iRC Chat lately. We spoke with PDX directly, who laughed and stated it is indeed a FAKE picture.

    PSP Files: The Fast And The Furious (USA) 383MB PSP RipKit, Custom Firmware v1.62 Increasing Edition B Update 2 For PSP, SCEP CheatMaster v0.7 r6 Plug-In For PSP, LOLStation POPStation Fix For 3.40 OE For PSP, piKey Keyboard Driver v0.2 For PSP, Recovery EBOOT For ALL OE FW For PSP, DevHook Firmware Installer v0.6i For PSP, and fMSX-PSP v3.1.2. :grinb
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