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    tapuPS3 Guest
    Does anyone has the save for F1 Race Stars - NPUB30930 with THE DLC's activated , or the DLC's for this game , pls ??

  2. #62
    JeoWay Guest
    Are you talking about a game save, package file for game, or DLC package files?

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    Badger1975 Guest

    Cool Bad Links

    Can you replace the download links please?

    Armored Core 4
    BLUS30027 - Game complete and have all parts.
    http://www.multiupload.com/O4IH555F6Y / http://www.mediafire.com/?u57ing2s5s8wq46


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    Barrels Explode Guest
    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

    This save contains the H colors for all characters, 100% card collection with 9 of every card, complete mission mode and gallery. See READ ME file for more details.


  5. #65
    ga77 Guest
    Hi everyone,

    I Need the original PARAM.SFO from SKATE 3 (BLUS30464)


  6. #66
    jdiddy08 Guest
    MVC 3 FOTW 320 missions completed save?

  7. #67
    gb14929 Guest

    Sonic sega all star racing transformed

    Evening Fellow PS3News peeeeps... Looking to see if you can help... I'm looking for a completed SONIC SEGA ALL STAR RACING TRANSFORMED complete save... BLES-01646


  8. #68
    gb14929 Guest
    Any want to assist me in unlocking the last few stars ???? It's traffic attack... I'm happy to upload my game save for someone to use I only need 7 more stars to complete this game for my son...

    Surely someone on this great forum can help ? PM me and I'll get the file too you.

    Thanks again

    So finally after some searching I found a rar with a completed game save. I copied it straight on my ps3 in the /home/00000000x (account). I played the game as normal and all the characters and levels were unlocked.

    I noticed however that some of the characters hadn't had their mods unlocked. So played a level and at the end of the race I got the "YOU DID NOT EARN A TROPHY" message.

    So I used the Bruteforce Save Data app from ALDOSTOOLS and resigned the account to my own. Copied the same back to the ps3, completed a level and now the trophies work.


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    Atarster Guest
    Are these to downoad a save? Yes they are.

  10. #70
    Durturt Guest
    I was thinking the same

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