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    Thanks for the reply....

    Im sure that in the future either sony or the community will have this one figured out. For now the swap method will have to stay. Can you recommend how much drive space I should allocate for the SAK ?


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    I think it depends on what you're seeking to do with it. If you just want to "check it out" then you could select 10GB for OtherOS but if you plan to dump some serious large PS3 games (and you have a 60GB drive) you can select 10GB for the PS3 instead... unless you plan to dump to an external drive.

    Me personally- I don't 'PLAY' many PS3 games (not enough free time) and I actually use the PS3 more for tinkering, dumping, etc so I selected the 10GB to be allocated to my PS3 out of my 60GB HDD. I also only have a 128MB jumpdrive (with the otheros.bld files on it) and my external 40GB HDD is occupied so I dump to my PS3 internal drive directly and then transfer the files from it to my PC.

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    OK so one final time I want to break this thing down.

    Knowing that I have to use the swap method to change OS, with my 160 GB drive I would Use:

    20 PS3 OS

    40 SAK (Dump Games, Blu-Ray ETC..)

    100 Linux (I love using linux)

    On a fresh drive how would I format it with these 3 choices. When I formatted the 20 GB There were two options, but im not sure if one was there to build a custom sized partition, I could be wrong though.

    This would be good info for those wanting to have all 3 installed, at least with the bld swap method.


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    As far as I'm aware you can only have two partitions... a PS3 one and an Other OS one. If anyone knows a way to have a third on the PS3 feel free to share.

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    I could be totally wrong here but wouldnt it be possible to pre allocate the partitions prior to installing the Hard drive into the PS3? Or would the PS3 remove all partitions when formating?

    I just wonder if you can set a side a partition for Linux, and then let the PS3 use the other partition. I could be totally wrong though

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    can i now dump a BLU RAY movie with UDF 2.5 support on my Extern HDD and play it later?

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    Why don't using the advantage of the Network Share, because then you do not even need a Ext hdd, yes it's slower, but 1Mb/s is alright to me.

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    As far as I'm aware you can only have two partitions... a PS3 one and an Other OS one. If anyone knows a way to have a third on the PS3 feel free to share.
    Hmm in that case hopefully the soon to be released loader can be integrated with this app

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    ok so what is the process to send Movie files or PS3 game files from my PC's hard drive to the PS3 hard drive..

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    Not that this is a priority, or anything important. But could the PS3 SAK otheros.bld file be combined with the YDL otheros.bld so you could be prompted with an option to load the PS3 SAK or the YDL install on the otheros partition?

    I know PS3News said you can swap the otheros.bld back and forth. But if the above was possible it would take a few steps out of the process, and less rebooting. I'm not sure what goes into creating these otheros.bld files, ect, but its just an idea, so i figured there was no harm in asking.

    (i haven't even gotten to play with this yet. I only read about it this morning before work. I'll have to wait till after work to check it out. But thanks for this cool tool )


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