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    Toucan Sam CJPC's Avatar
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    Ok, as stated the prompt WILL freeze until the backup is complete (just like how DD does, it will 'appear to be frozen' as stated) but do retry. It went back to PS3OS, as you reset the PS3's settings!

    When I select Use Windows Network Share, what do I do with the folder name right after I type my PC's IP address. Then type my username and not the password. Then I type the game but it's better to see the list of the game that I've dumped.
    The folder name = the shared folder name on a Windows pc. (with proper permissions etc), and you need to type in the Username and Password (to connect to the windows pc defined beforehand). The list seems possible, for a future release, sure (List any .ISO in the folder!)

    ad3k, I am not sure, there is only so much space to work with, any of this would need to be on a CD or HDD (which runs into other problems etc), it may be a bit beyond the scope of this specific program, but who knows what the future holds!

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    I have a problem with this:

    - I have not IP address at the header of menu. I use wireless network. Have I to wire it?

    - USB Keyboard doesnt work for me, but the same KB works fine on PS3OS. Why?

    Thanx, the tool is GREAT!!!!

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    Yeah, alas you need a wired network (wireless drivers are not yet available to include!), as far as the keyboard, try unplugging and replugging, then hitting the Number Lock, mine (a $ony PS2 one), wont work until I do all that, could just be an odd keyboard.

    BUT, you can access it over the web, try that too

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3News View Post
    LOL @ iRC... they all are saying how much they "love CJPC's SAK" now.
    Yeah his sak is great, I hope he thoroughly checked it for bugs! If not things could get a little hairy? ok i'll shut up now

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    Very nice app.

    Thanks CJPC

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    Very Very Cool App! Nice works! If I installed Linux, need I re-format HD? Since I have installed many game demo and full game like Tekken. Can I backup the game inside HD before install this nice app? Can I use another HD to install this SAK app?

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    PS3 Directions Buttons

    Not sure if this will help anyone, but ya... I too had Linux already installed and wanted to check this out without reformatting or losing my previous Linux FC5. Basically all you have to do is 'swap' the otheros.bld file and then when you're done just change it back.

    However, the way you'll need to do this is by putting the included one on a USB drive (following the included instructions) and then Installing it to overwrite your current OtherOS. You won't lose anything by doing this, and then once you're done playing with "SAK" you can just Re-Install your original otheros.bld file that you used to install Linux the same way.

    I just keep them both on my jumpdrive and swap them (put the one I want in /PS3/otheros) as needed, the entire process takes 2-3 minutes tops to do. The beauty of SAK is... if you've never done it before (nor even installed Linux) you can still do everything listed without having to spend 2-3 hours installing Linux.

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    Yesterday I upgraded my internal ps3 drive with a western digital 160 notebook drive. I haven't installed it into the system yet but I know im gonna have to reformat and such as well as reinstall Linux and all the XMB stuff I had.

    My question is can I have all three of these working at the same time? Without the .bld swap? Or will sony only allow 2 total os to be used on the ps3?


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    I don't know how to say this, but if you want to look further.. This will let you show the linux side from this SAK Tool.. I was trying to find away to the PS3 HDD, and flash locations but this where I can not go any futher

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueWizard View Post
    My question is can I have all three of these working at the same time? Without the .bld swap? Or will sony only allow 2 total os to be used on the ps3?
    As far as I'm aware, you can only have the PS3 OS and (1) Other OS on the PS3... maybe at some point it will change, but I believe I asked CJPC that awhile back and that was the answer. I too wish I could have like multi-Other OS's.


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