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    NZHawk Guest

    Smile PS3 SAK ISO Merger Program

    For the first time yesterday, i installed PS3 SAK V1.00 on my ps3. I backed up my 16 gig image of Orange Box to my portable hdd. I found out later that it made 5 Blu-ray.a* files, and i had no idea what to do with them. I later found out i could use CMD to merge the files together and make a .ISO image. I made this program to make the process easier for others.

    Place the SAK EXPORT ISO file merger into the same folder as the Blu-ray.a* files, and type in the number of the 'Blu-ray.a*' files, then just press enter, type the name of the resulting .ISO and away you go! Fully automated.

    Made in notepad, would like to port to VB, but dont know how... Any help would be appreciated.

    Made this just to help a not so abled friend out, and to simplify the process.
    Also *Only supports up to 10 .a* files at the moment...

    Download: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/downlo...o=file&id=3932


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    Apr 2005

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    Nice NZHawk! I added this to our PS3 Downloads section and will add it to the Site News for you linking to this thread shortly. Also gave ya some Rep Points

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    NZHawk Guest
    Just after Release i have noticed a small bug when using 10 Blu-ray.a* files. I have fixed this now and added support for up to 50 gig images (15 blu-ray.a* Files).

    New Version Update 1.

    Download: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/downlo...o=file&id=3933

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    abdeslam728 Guest
    that's a great job. thx 4 sharing!

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    zerocom Guest
    Isn't this a simpler version of a basic file merger where there exists thousands of it?

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    NZHawk Guest
    Yes, But its designed for the SAK iso output files (Blu-ray.a*)
    Just thought it may help people.

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    zerocom Guest
    Yes, of course, but top news on the home page is a bit too much.

    It's a single line with cygwin: cat Blu-ray.a* > Blu-ray.iso

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    NZHawk Guest
    its not actually a single line, i made it in notepad using dos. It has serveral variables actually.

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    Apr 2005
    I showed it to CJPC tonight (who made SAK) and he thought it was handy too... wish we had it when SAK was first released as we had to explain to newbies about 100 times how to join the files via command line.

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    darkanima9 Guest
    that's great to combine the parts to make a large image easier

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