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    PS3 Square Button PS3 Rumor or Fact? You decide

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    I read this blog today. Seems scary. Read it http://www.gamespot.com/forums/show_...ic_id=23921409

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    Wow this is really scary. How would the PS3 be able to tell whether a game has been inserted in another PS3, unless they develop something where the PS3 registers the game and the machine id on the net and when ever a game is inserted it checks to see if the game is already register to another console. Does anyone have any theories? Whats the big deal about Sony not getting money off the resale of games and consoles, the item was already purchased once, do they want to make double the money off one purchase?
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    I believe that this could possibly be an idea that Sony have, which might be implemented, but I think it is rumor. However, nothing that a decend modchip can't solve.

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    All I can say is that if Sony does this I will NOT be buying their system untill a modchip would allow me to rent games. I also think it would hurt sony to incorporate something so strict on the gamers, in the end the gamers can cost sony lots of money by not purchasing their console. But only time will tell how strict sony will be.

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    I believe when Sony start reading about all the negative comments that gamers are saying about this method, they will back off of it. If they don't Xbox360 with win the next generation console war.

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    I rarely buy new games due to college eating all my money. If Sony does go through with this, it appears I will never be buying anything from them again.

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    Well the technology is no rumor. But implementation in PS3 is speculation. They probably won't do that. Especially after the big bashing they just received for the DRM 'rootkits' they have been placing on audio cds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jigen
    I rarely buy new games due to college eating all my money.
    Same here dude! That why all I eat is Ramen and Cup Noodles.

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    Im the biggest sony fanboy you'll find, but if they do that I refuse to purchase a Playstation 3. Even if modchips do come out, its not like enough people will have them for places like blockbuster to even bother renting games out. That also would mean that you would be forced to have some type of internet connection every time you play the console.

    If they do that I go to XBOX360, Sony is doing alot of stupid things lately. That rookit DRM thing could be the end of Sony period, not just the playstation department but all of Sony. They got government and military networks infected with this stupid rookit DRM thing and that will bring a ton of fire down on them. The U.S. government always over does things 10 fold, so Sony better hope they even exist by the time the PS3 is said to launch.

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    I dont think they will do this with the ps3 but maybe a future console down the line.


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