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    Apr 2005
    i too think the rumble is not that great anyway so i don't mind if the rumble is gone on the ps3 controller. but i hope they will still weigh the controller down a little so it doesn't feel flimsey.

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    Apr 2005
    Maybe the ps3 will have the same plugin port for the controller as the ps2 so that we might be able to use our existing controllers with the rumble feature, not saying it will work but it is kinda a nice feature, but if a person could then we can also use the nice controllers we have now as we are use to them, this is just my idea though but would be nice.

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    Jun 2006
    I'd miss it most in racing games when you clip the ripple strip and things like that.

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    Sony only took it out so they wouldn't have to pay Immersion

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    i was playing call of duty 2 on the 360, and let me tell you that i felt the vibration.. it was great.. i think its a bad thing that they are not including the vibration in the controller. they should let the user to have the option of putting the tilt function on or the vibration on.. then it wont intefere with each other.

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    They couldn't include both tilt and rumble in the would've been too expensive. Would you have rather paid for a $100 controller?

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    Feb 2006
    I don't give a sh%$ about the vibration, i only want to play with the beast!!

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    Personally, I'd rather have the tilt instead. Makes aiming better in FPS games and it would probably be more useful for other applications like web browsing on the PS# or w/e. Serves the same purpose as a mouse almost.

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