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Thread: PS3 RPG Ar Tonelico 3 Revealed in Latest Famitsu Magazine

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    PS3 RPG Ar Tonelico 3 Revealed in Latest Famitsu Magazine

    The latest issue of Famitsu Magazine has revealed that Ar Tonelico 3 will exclusively be hitting the PS3 on January 28, 2010 and Hokuto no Ken Musou will also arrive next year.

    According to PSU (linked above), there will be an Ar Tonelico event at the Akihabara Enta Festival on the 25th if you're in Japan and want to go.

    To quote from rykomatsu's article translation:

    The Ar Tonelico series takes place on the planet of Ar Ciel. Due to a prior catastrophy, humanity is forced to take refuge on one of 3 towers, called Ar Tonelico, located around the planet.

    - Ar Tonelico I takes place on Sol Ciel
    - Ar Tonelico II takes place on Meta Falas
    - Ar Tonelico III takes place on Sol Clusta

    Sol Clusta is dominated by Reyvateils which are the ruling class. The ideal world to them consists only of Reyvateils and purified humans (ie. slaves)


    Saki - Heroine (CV: Gotou Mai)
    Reyvateil who was created in a laboratory for a plan that would have far reaching effects on the world (unclear if it's limited to Sol Clusta or the planet of Ar Ciel). She manages to escape shortly before the plan was to be set into motion and runs into the protagonist after being on the run for a number of years. When under sever duress, she exhibits a power called "miracle" on occasion.

    Finnelle - Heroine (CV: Kitamura Eri)
    ?type reyvateil (no human bloodline) born in the kingdom of Clustania. Ditzy girl who works in a restaurant on Tocociez Highway. Her existance appears to have a connection with the Clustania conspiracy but...

    Aoto - Protagonist (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki)
    Is an apprentice of a master who specializes in construction at high elevations. Doesn't think about consequences when he acts, but has a strong sense of obligation to complete what he's started. Has always had a slight dislike of Clustania, but after meeting Saki, he starts viewing Clustania as an enemy.

    RAH System (Hymnos Synthesis)

    This title's Hymnos isn't limited to heroines just "singing" them. If you "combine" hymnos parts that are bourne from the heroine's psyche, the player himself/herself can create hymnos.

    Merging this RAH system and player's actions, the real-time BGM changes, which the Active Music Generation System accomplishes, brings a presence never experienced before (I'm assuming in regards to game BGM). Creating a good hymn and having the heroines sing it will bring effects such as increasing the vanguard's attack power.


    Some other things I can't make out too clearly or don't deserve their own section.

    - Deeper bonds with reyvateils allow them to "unleash" their attire which is probably what is being shown with the twin tailed girl (Finnelle)
    - As before, the deeper you dive into the heroine's psyche, the more song magic you can unlock
    - Multiple personalities (not sure if singular or plural) exist within each reyvateil. Different personalities prefer different song magics, which will have an effect on the RAH system.
    - Aoto's town is at the border of the tower's climate control system, thus it's not completely protected from the elements, resulting in violent winds. The town has wind mills to make use of the winds, however.
    - Clustania has the highest level of ameneties in the tower of Sol Clusta and is the central location for Reyvateils. Humans are brought into Clustania to help further develop Reyvateil's skills. Also, anti-Clustania individuals are brought in for cleansing.
    - Jumping returns to AT3

    [imglink=|PS3 RPG Ar Tonelico 3 Revealed in Latest Famitsu Magazine][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 RPG Ar Tonelico 3 Revealed in Latest Famitsu Magazine][/imglink]
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    sephiroth25 Guest
    hey great news for RPS fans, thanks ^^

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    mukumuku Guest
    It's always nice to see a new jrpg being released for the ps3 but this game will probably be a failure. I had played the previous game on ps2 and apart from the 2d graphics, which if accompanied by some fancy effects can be acceptable, it had several last-gen gameplay mechanics. I tossed the dvd out of my tray as soon as I got to the first village in the game.

    I couldn't roam the streets, I had to choose from predefined areas of the town/village and teleport there. And then walk around the screen. I got mad at that point and never played the game again (the same happened with last remnant) I don't see that game being any different from its predecessor

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