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    I *knew* it. Playing FPS does end in violence.

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    First of all what if that guy who says he got robbed was lying. Made it up to get back at someone who did something to him before.

    Second, in a situation like this, I know at most campuses, if something happened on campus and they needed to go to a campus housing, why wasn't campus police involved? Some campus police are considered state police if it is a state funded school.

    3rd, does anyone know how many times the police knocked? How does the roommate know he was just about to open the door when the police busted in? If they were truley gun-ho cops, and killed the dog, why didn't they shot the roommate who from the story, it appears he was there and "saw the whole thing"?

    Lastly, why didn't these "members of a specially trained team" wound the suspect rather than kill him? You figure with the title of members of a specially trained team they would at least be trained on how to wound a suspect that wasn't even reported as having a weapon.
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    The guy in the middle is the jerkoff that got shot. "Highly trained" does not mean that you can make split second decisions about where to shoot someone. Highly trained or not, if someone known to have guns, committed a robbery, and comes at you with a black object in hand he is going to get shot "center of mass" (chest). The cop taking the time to decide where to shoot him could be the difference in him getting shot or not. He got what he deserved, bottom line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cloud1863 View Post
    So this makes it aright for needless deaths in your country. M8 in a civil country like the UK we don't shoot people that have a PS3 controller as a weapon, we are not that power hungry.
    Instead some brazillian guy was shot 16 times or so buy the police for suspecting him to be a terrorist right?

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    1. the kid in that picture was NOT the one who got shot. It was the one who got arrested.

    2. They did fire center mass, one hit his chest and the other one went through the door which caused its trajectory to change, hitting him in the head. Everyone is making a big deal out of the bullet going through the front door, like they shot through before kicking it down. Doors don't just stay open when you kick them down, they can bounce back.

    3. I think the dog attacked the police officers and they ahd to shoot it and they looked up and saw a black think in his hand and they reacted. I'm not saying it was the correct reaction, but i'm sure there was some reasoning behind it.

    4. The kid was not lying about the ps3 being stolen, I was in the same line at the same walmart with him.

    5. The university police didn't served the warrant because it was for a suspect in an armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon case. That is why there was a special unit on the scene and that is why they were going in with guns drawn.

    6. When bad cops use their power to murder someone and get away with it, they have a motive. What motive could they have for killing this kid? It was a mistake.

    Also, some people have said that Peyton and his friends and another group of people from durham may have had beef with eachother and he went to the door thinking it was them. But that is probably just a rumor.

    But i'm done playing devil's advocate. screw the police. You guys see that video with the Iranian student getting tasered?

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