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    Registered User ST0RM53's Avatar
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    PS3 Directions Buttons PS3 and rendering

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    I was wondering if anyone has compiled the opensource renderer called Pixie for the PS3. i have tried and failed (i also have tried using the rapidmind optimizor aswell, both failed) (yes i have access to the rapidmind system )

    Reply if you know what your doing :P


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    I would guess you need to specifiy --configure options that you might be missing, but I dont know that program specifically.

    what is the compile error you are getting?

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    I am trying to get a renderer to work under ydl... Blender and Pixie both DONT WORK! I was hoping Autodesk release a ppc version of Maya.

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    if PIXIE is open source you should be good to go, compile from source.

    what is the error you guys are getting?
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    Blender may work if i compile from source... If i remember well pixie stucks at the ./configuration when it doesn't find TIFF library? which is already installed..? I don't remember well...

    update: I tried again: ON pixie: clplus: error allocating 3xxxxxxxx of 5xxxxxxx. Seems we need more memory for compiling...

    Blender requires a glibc and again at compiling i got an error: "TLS support is require" Both qlibc and pixie stuck at make command....Pixie compiling needs more memory as the ps3 stucks when compiling it... I can't figure out what is TLS?! If i fix it i'll inform u.

    update: i used --without-tls parameter in the configure cmd of glibc but again at make cmd: TLS supporŭÏqGis required !@#$@ what the heck
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    4 months ago i worked Blender on ps3. But it was too slow.

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    yeah? how do u installed glibc?

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    i dont remember fully but i installed extra packages like freeglut. next week i will be at home, i can help at that time while i meet with my ps3 again.

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    freeglut? OpenGL? So blender supports opengl. i'll try..

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    for example

    [Register or Login to view code]


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