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    Registered User myrddin's Avatar
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    PS3 Square Button PS3 Release Day Plan...

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    OK, I plan on taking the 16th off and going to one of the local stores and waiting outside till I go home with a premium unit. I don't know if I should try a super walmart or what.... So I guess my question is what time on the 16th is everyone going to start to line up? And does any one know or have an idea what stock counts will be at the stores?

    I hope I get one

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    Man, you think so? If thats the case Im screwed.... I guess Ill just have to wait and see.

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    You should have just preordered one like me

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    Wish I knew about it and I would have.

    OH well I get out of work on the 15th at 6pm I guess Ill ride over to one of the stores and see what it looks like and if there are people there Ill decide what to do, but man 2 days is a little ruff. I dont know if I can swing that.

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    HA.... I would just do without. I hate waiting, I wish they would have met their release quota.

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    Might be best to wait -

    The first units are the ones that usually have the bugs in them (Xbox 360 cooling problem, PS2 DVD disk scratching etc..)

    - Just have patience and avoid the hassle of launch day rush

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    as much as I hate to agree you may be on to something. But man do I want one... And if you get one with a extended warranty who is to say it wont fry one day when a new improved unit comes out.

    Who knows I may still try but cant see myself camping for 2 days... 1 might be cool though.

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    I'm planning on enlisting the help of a friend, as I have work from 4-10 on the 16th. I plan on heading to best buy/circuit city/target one of those i'll decide after I inquire more about their launch plans. I'm hoping that noon on the 16th will be soon enough to be the first 2, 3 in line. I'm gonna hang around up until I need to get to work, have a friend hold my place in line, then after work come back, pull the truck up, plug in the heater, & camp the night away. Any flaws in this? Only thing is I need to find a good friend that isn't working & understanding to my plight.

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    I would say you have a good plan. I wish I had some friends that would help out... they all think Im crazy.

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    good info dothack, I was hoping someone would post some useful info like that...
    thank you


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