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    Registered User MKE's Avatar
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    PS3 Square Button PS3 Release Date has been Set!

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    Next Generation has the hot scoop—the PS3 will probably be hitting the streets on September 21st in the US, September 16th in Japan.

    This is excellent news because it means we all won’t be standing in line in the cold—just the searing heat!
    and for a link to the next-gen article (if allowed): http://www.next-gen.biz/index.php?op...=2270&Itemid=2

    setpember 21'st seems like a really long time away...but w/e i wont be able to get one at launch anyway...

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    Nice nfo MKE very nice

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    I'm with you MKE. I won't be able to get one for a long long time. Damn the life of a poor college student.

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    The final PS3 specs are available on the official site HERE also I've noticed.

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    Very nice news indeed, hopefully there will be no delays in the launch of the PS3.

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    yet the official site says spring 2006 still... hmmm interesting.. idk i cant believe anyone but sony because everyone that has speculated on stuff has usually been wrong. ill wait for a exact release date. i also wonder where the detachable hdd goes.

    edit: just looked again and it says "hdd sold seperately" LAME, didnt some sony person say they were releasing ONE console not like xbox where the hdd would be separate in one package and with in another?! the only way this will be OK with me is if you can put whatever size hdd you want in it... because the hdd attachment crap for ps2 was pricey enough. (ps2 NA and HDD = about 140-150 new)

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    I saw on the controller part of the specs USB2.0 wired. Could that mean a 3rd party adapter coming out to use the current PS2 controller on the PS3?? That would be nice. I still can't comprehend getting my big mits around the boomerang

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    Stick Out Tongue

    So we have to use those stupid batarangs, or bananas :barf:


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