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    Apr 2005

    PS3 rear USB port mod unveiled!

    MacSolidWorks undertook the painful process of modifying his PS3 in order to provide it with a rear USB mod for use with the Playstation Eye.

    After searching high and low for instructions, he decided to just go ahead and perform the mod himself as shown in the video below.

    To quote: I modified my PS3 to have a rear USB port for my Playstation EYE. I looked all over the web for instructions on how to do this but couldn't find anything. So I just did it myself.

    Here are the results:

    1. It works.

    2. As long as you don't plug anything into the front USB port you've "borrowed" for the rear port, everything is fine.

    3. If you plug something into the "borrowed" port, both peripherals stop working and you'll need to restart the PS3.

    4. This setup cannot act like a true USB hub as it's just a pass-thru for one of the front ports.

    Since this setup is not optimal and I'd like at least 2 USB ports on the back of my PS3, I'm currently working on a new mod that will allow a true hub on the back eliminating the aforementioned limitations.

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    failiure Guest
    I don't understand why he done this because at the end of the video, he has the ps3 side-on

    imo nice idea but it's too much messin about. I guess you could say he found a solution to a problem that does NOT need fixing!

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    IanJ Guest
    No sure about problem not needing fixing. To be able to have ports on the rear so i can attach accessories without wires hanging messily out of the front would be pretty good for me.

    No doubt someone will take this a bit further and start selling custom cases.

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    Mantagtj Guest
    Hasn't there been no custom cases developed yet, I mean the P$3 has been out long enuff you would of thought people would of done something like this, maybe we oughta get a thread going on custom cases that would be fun!

    but sorry back to this thread, I don't think its worth ripping apart my ps3 for that mod just yet a nice "powered" slot or two! for my 500 gig HD and my PSEYE yeah I could go for that


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